This Week: Undercurrent 3 and Doom Town's Last Show


Lumpy & the Dumpers

Trauma Harness

LooseScrewz + Abnormal

The Fluff of Murder

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust Street
8:30 pm / free / all ages / all attendees receive free tape

Undercurrent is a monthly concert series brought to you by Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, The Paradoxal Pterodactyl Podcast and Chizmo.TV. Each show is recorded and thrown onto cassette, mixtape style. The tape is made available, for free, at each subsequent show. If you attended February's Undercurrent, you received the cassette from January's show. This month's tape features The Funs, Muck-Tet, Dusty Fingers, CaveofswordS, Chris and Tim Rakel. Come out to the free gig, check out the video projections by Chizmo.TV and grab a free tape.


Doom Town (final show)
Nervosas (OH)
Staring Problem (IL)
@ Melt / 2712 Cherokee Street
8 pm / $7 / 18+

This is Doom Town's final show. For the past four-ish years, Doom Town has been the quintessential St. Louis punk band. After debuting with an awesome hybrid tape/zine, the band followed up with more releases, including a 7" and split 12" with Autonomy. Doom Town will be one of those bands that people talk fondly on for the next ten years, give or take. If you're already a fan or just now hearing about them, this show will definitely be one to check out.

This Weekend (click band names for show details)

Darin Gray and Chris Smentowski bring a brain-bending duo to Apop Records on Friday.

Doom Asylum from North Carolina plays Barbarella on Sunday.

Burial Teens from Kansas City will play Bonerville with local support from Trauma Harness and Animal Teeth.

This Week In St. Louis 3/17/14 - 3/23/14


Bad History Month (MA)
Blank Stare
Con Trails

@ Cafe Ventana / 3919 West Pine Boulevard
9 pm / $5 / all ages

Bad History Month is Fat History Month sans drummer. The guitar floats through songs in a really clever way, and lyrics of dark comedy follow along. Stonechat and Willis both bring their own style of resident odd pop while Con Trails brings a kind of shoegaze sound sans the excessive pedals that the genre is known for.

OK, maybe none of the above is punk enough. Go check out American Hate, Shaved Women and more over at The Livery instead.


Guerilla Toss (MA)
Ryan Power (VT)
(Album Release Show)
@ Cafe Ventana / 3919 West Pine Boulevard
8:30 pm / $6 / all ages

Guerilla Toss is swinging by St. Louis on their way back from SXSW. I've heard rumors of blood and full frontal nudity at recent live shows, so that's as good a reason as any to check out the band. Theatrics rarely come bundled with good weird music, but Guerilla Toss ups the ante by providing a wild performance alongside brain-bending prog-rock. Get into this dance band for aliens. Britches returns on this night after a 7 month hiatus, and they'll be bringing a brand new recording with them.

Technicolor Teeth (WI)
Times Beach
Trauma Harness

@ The Livery / 3211 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $5 / 21+

Technicolor Teeth filters super-tight pop songs through feedback and fuzz. Vocals howl over solid rock drumming and guitar noise. Trauma Harness bring doom and gloom to the whole punk rock thing and Times Beach falls somewhere between the two.


Three Legged Race (Robert Beatty of Hair Police)
Kevin Harris
Nathan Cook
Andrew James

@ Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
7:30 pm / free
Robert Beatty is equal parts audio and visual artist. His noise band Hair Police has been wildly prolific, earning accolades as a core name in experimental music throughout North America. Beatty's solo work, usually under the name Three Legged Race, further explores sound in an introspective sense.

Jack Topht (NY)
Hoonbag Moonswag
Crater Canal

@ CBGB / 3163 South Grand Avenue
9:30 pm / donations / 21+

Jack Topht nabbed the name "awesomerap" on bandcamp. That's reason enough to believe his rap is awesome. Topht rhymes fast over backtracks about obnoxious people, in your face politics and sex sex sex. Hoonbag is a Demonlover / Bug Chaser side projection of sleazy dance tunes and Crater Canal is a tongue-in-cheek performance art piece brought to you by the heads behind Skarekrau Radio. Since the show is at CBGB, no one will overtly bug you for money, so find the tip jar and throw a fiver in.


@ The Billiken Club / 20 North Grand Boulevard
8 pm / $15 / all ages

Jandek is an outsider music legend that has released over 70 albums since 1978. At the center of the Jandek mythos is Sterling Smith, who typically performs with a backing band with anonymous members. Jandek seems to be the name given to an amorphous project with different participants for every live show, but Sterling Smith remains involved as the central figure, or as he calls himself, the Coordinator. The video above shows a very abstract performance, but searching out Jandek brings up much experimental folk and blues.


Useless Eaters (CA)
The Brainstems
Ski Mask
Bad Dates

@ Melt / 2712 Cherokee Street
8 pm / $6 / 18+

This show is chock full of hot guitar rock jocks scarfing down leather jackets and crapping good punk tunes. If that's too nonsensical or whatever you can click the links above. Save for Ski Mask, all the bands are snotty rock 'n roll with audible early punk influence. What's the opposite of oi?

Undercurrent 3 is next week. Flyer:

This Week In St. Louis 3/10/14 - 3/16/14


Fake Surfers (MI)
Bug Chaser
Black Panties

@ Livery Company / 3211 Cherokee Street
9:30 pm / $7 / 21+

Bug Chaser crams psychedelic rock into a plasma-jam with influence from kraut legends of yore. Black Panties is a raw farce of rock 'n roll with tongues planted firmly-in-cheek throughout. And landing somewhere between both local bands is Fake Surfers, from Michigan, with its unhinged garage rock.


BRUXISM No. 2 featuring:
Catholic Guilt
Derek Dadian-Smith
DJ Mr. Ben

@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee Street
8 pm / $5 / all ages

BRUXISM is a partnership between Apop Records and Nathan Cook's label Close/Far. Expect subtle experimental acts spaced apart by DJing from Mr. Ben's collection of obscure wax.


Kowabunga Kid (IL)
Vanilla Beans
Wild Hex
Dem Scientist

@ Café Ventana / 3919 West Pine Boulevard
8 pm / $5 / all ages

Kowabunga Kid belts static-filled punk pop with a wet underbelly of feedback. Wild Hex and Dem Scientist both spew the kind of noisy rock and roll St. Louis is so good at. The Vanilla Beans is there as a keen pop discourse to the rest of the bands. Skank with confidence.

Frank Hurricane (NY)
Catholic Guilt
Crisp Money Legends
Zak Marmalefsky

@ Foam / 3359 South Jefferson Avenue
9 pm / $5 / all ages

This is a St. Louis bizarro-bill at its finest: Over-the-top parody hip-hop, Zak's droney crooning and an anything-goes set from Catholic Guilt. Frank Hurricane from Hurricanes of Love comes from New York - highly recommended.

If neither show above suits your taste, the HEARDING CATS collective just announced an experimental showcase featuring Gino Robair at the William A Kerr Foundation for Saturday night.

Steve's Top Pics from February 2014

Stephen Houldsworth attends more shows in Saint Louis than most, and he covers a huge range of sound. Be it hardcore or noise, pop or rock, Stephen comes equipped with his point-and-shoot. The guerilla style of photography that results is a dry and honest take on the independent scene in St. Louis. Once a month, Mr. Houldsworth shoots us an e-mail with his recent favorite photos.

All Fall Down:
Shaved Women gets down at CBGBs. (2/23/14)

Dance Evolution:
Tubby Tom shows us all how to dance at the Livery. (2/8/14)

Nos Bos was masked in the basement of Apop Records. (2/16/14)

Fresh Vanilla:
While waiting for their set to begin, the Pancake Master surprised the Vanilla Beans with their new EP. (2/28/14)

Scream and Shout:
Laika saw the face of Rob Ford and just had to scream and shout at the Livery. (2/8/14)

This Week In St. Louis 3/3/14 - 3/9/14


PEAT HENRY Benefit Show featuring:
The Conformists
Shaved Women
Lumpy & The Dumpers
The Funs
Catholic Guilt
Life Like

@ Heavy Anchor / 5226 Gravois
8 pm / $7 / 21+

We could call this show "For Peat's Sake" or "Give Peat A Chance." Click any of the aforementioned names to check out the music, but honestly, there hasn't been a better, more representative line-up of St. Louis music in a long time. This is a great chance to support a local dude while checking out some of the freshest sounds this city has to offer.

King Buzzo (of the Melvins)
@ Fubar / 3801 Locust Street
9 pm / $13-15 / all ages

King Buzzo is the captain of the Melvins, one of the most influential rock and/or metal (depending on who you ask) bands of the 20th century. His solo work is mind-blowing too and definitely worth checking out. Although the songs are based around an acoustic guitar, that Melvins sound is still very much present.

Get weird with WEIRD FEST at Foam, featuring The Night Grinder, Willis, Tiger Rider, Beauty Pageant, Animal Teeth, Skull and Pet Rock: The Musical. Bring 5 bucks.


Wei Zhongle (IL)
Eric Hall
Con Trails
John McCowen

@ Cafe Ventana / 3919 West Pine
8 pm / $5 / all ages

Wei Zhongle brings bizarre progressive rock into the freak folk realm ala Sun City Girls and bands of that ilk. If you're unfamiliar, expect throaty singing over odd time signatures with flourishing sections that often delve into chaos. Eric Hall is an appropriate opener, as he chops and screws sounds into a different collage with every show.

Little Big Bangs/Barely Free Partial Prisoners Split Release Show
Little Big Bangs
Barely Free Partial Prisoners

@ Barely Free Lair / On Cherokee Street, same block as The Livery
7 pm (early show) / free / all ages

Little Big Bangs and Barely Free are starting this show early to not conflict with any of the other gigs going on, so pre-game at what used to be "Rsdio Cherokee" ten years ago and pick up the new split tape for $5. Both bands are great and are generally anti-establishment. That's worth your time.

Mayday (NY)
Massive Ego (IL)
Liquor Lord

@ Bonerville / On Michigan
9 pm / $5 / all ages

Straight gutter-punk from all over the USA. Massive Ego brings a sort of pop-tinge to everything, but the rest of the bands keep it nice and trashy. Just the way every writer from Maximum Rocknroll likes it.

Go celebrate Gerald Good's birthday for free at the Firebird with Tone Rodent, Popular Mechanics, Kadu Flyer and more.

Mark your calendar for next week:

3/11: Canadian Rifle, Better Days, Self Help @ Lemmons
3/13: Fake Surfers, Black Panties, Big Chaser @ Livery
3/13: Tideland, Shut In, Heavy Horse, Mariner @ Plush Parlor
3/14: Bruxism No. 2 with Catholic Guilt and more @ Apop
3/15: Kowabunga Kid, Vanilla Beans, Wild Hex, Dem Scientist @ Cafe Ventana
3/15: Frank Hurricane, Catholic Guilt, Zak and more @ Foam

Graham's Top Picks for February 2014

Graham Matthews bounces from show to show with a handy-cam, collecting the odds and ends of music in St. Louis. There is absolutely no genre-bend in his coverage, made evident by an ever growing Youtube channel, which features thousands of videos of independent artists. Once a month, Graham sends us a list of 5 picks from his personal channel.

The Pixies at Peabody Opera House

The Pixies played for over an hour straight. My arm was jelly by this point from holding my camera above heads without any breaks between songs. The crowd was in pure bliss all night. Even the band was smiling. Here we join Joey mid-solo, and what a strange and wonderful solo it is. Vamos!

Dem Scientist at The Livery Company
Wallet. Stolen. Dem Scientist rocked so hard, someone decided to take Andy's Slacker's credit and Qdoba gift certificate as thanks. The glamorous life of a rock 'n roll star.

Com Truise at The Firebird
VHS Sexy times for '80s robot babies. If you don't know Com Truise, he makes songs that sound like pixelated love letters sent straight to your e-heart. If you don't get it, don't worry, most humans don't.

Nos Bos at APOP
A dark dungeon, homicidal screaming, ninja masks and Godzilla playing a sick riff. Must be a Nos Bos show.

Astral Place at APOP
I heard this was only their second show. Hard to believe with their catchy songs. Hope they don't disappear before we know it. I couldn't find any recordings online, so this might be it. Now you can listen to The Fed Ex Guy song on repeat like I have been doing. It's unforgettable.