Review: RAW POP by Times Beach

Times Beach | RAW POP
Released December 2013
Self Released

Gushing out at the heel end of 2013, Times Beach’s RAW POP cassette grabs and hooks with a monsoon of distortion. With uptempo pop structures and each instrument sealed in its own echo chamber, Times Beach makes music for science police officers trying to fill the interstellar quota.

Nailing down and correctly executing a sheer wall-of-sound, Times Beach still stays catchy every step of the way - no amount of haze or distortion detracts from the hooks. “Coral” and “Cement” kick off the tape with reverberated melody and croon. “Cement” comes from their first release/cassingle that came out earlier in 2013, but here it sounds way more polished, albeit there was very little wrong with the original recording.

“Looking Down” feels like a cosmic tropical theme, (am I drinking blue milk while surfing over dark matter?) “Sleep Paralysis” stands out for me as my personal favorite track - a gradual build before launching into jangly fuzzy scuttle. “Destruction” and “Dust Miner” clear out the demo with feel-good vibes. The tambourine on “Dust Miner” sounds like tiny drones chipping away at rock looking for blue crystalline ore.

RAW POP was self released on blue tape with a banana cluster of exploding Hindenburgs on the cover. It's available straight from their bandcamp right here. Worth it on the dot - now's your chance to catch nu sounds for a nu year.

Review by Josh Jenkins