by Chad Eivins of Chizmo.Tv

Around high noon on April 20, 2013, we started documenting five hours of band footage from the RAW RECORD STORE DAY 2013 at Apop Records. We were a small crew: Blyre Cpanx and Mister Ben were the VJs. Mister Ben also had boom mic duty. I was in charge of the SpyCams and live editing. From the get-go the day started with glaring sunshine burning our eyes. This was followed with SpyCams falling down and others being kicked. Video tapes got covered in booze and mics got bumped. The virtual green screen eventually came crashing down too. We kept documenting as best as we could and eventually climaxed with Shaved Women under a dark cold night.

Sometime later I watched the footage and felt that it looked too raw, too dirty, just too much to be shown. But, I could not stop watching. Over and over again. Worrying I might wear the tapes out, I decided to condense it down to the more savory parts of the bands and those mingling around for public viewing. It's St. Louis people and those alien to the city helping carve out one of the better days of 2013. One of those alien carvers that kept popping up on the tapes was Connie Olivia from the Chicago band, Redemer.

Along with the Apop crew and friends, Connie helped add the heart and vital essence to the day. I recently caught up with her and asked if she would share her recollections of Apop and St. Louis. This is what she had to say: "The dark depths of Apop's cellar were the first to feel the flood of blood spewing from the limbs of the ReDeMeR, and joyously it came pre-prepped with bones! Over time the flow rose again and again to overflow and tear up the streets! The apocalypse is in your ears, on your tongue, and waiting to shout out with the words of the ReDeMeR in your blood: 'CUM AGAIN! CUM ON ST. LOU! CUM AGAIN!' Love ya apop!"