Profligate Tonight / Other Junk

Tonight Tuesday, Dec. 10

Profligate (Noah from Form-A-Log)
Wax Fruit
The Pen Test

@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages

Profligate is heady electronic music forced into sharp grids of abrasive, noisy sound. Altogether reckless and danceable, this is musical catnip for weirdos. Wax Fruit always brings the kind of detailed, meandering synth songs that provide greater depth if you look for it, but still ring out in a simple way.

Lumpy and The Dumpers released a new music video for their song "Sex Pit." This was shot recently at Chromozone and features a naked, slime-covered Martin Meyer. There's your warning.

Rob Ruzicka's Band Lotto went down last weekend. Show-goers were sort of prodded and asked to vote for their favorite band of the night. Daren's Jimmy Johns, a sort of all-star group featuring members of Trauma Harness and RUZ, won the "competition" hands-down. I think it was their liberal use of Gogurt, sub-sandwiches and a Weird Al cover that won them the votes.

Phut is a St. Louis based group from the late '90s that featured members from Dazzling Killmen, N. Nomurai and others. Their discography, released a couple years ago through Bandcamp, made the rounds today through social media. Here's another great experimental band that never got enough attention in its heyday: