Review: Self-Titled by Yuppies

Yuppies | Self-Titled
Released September 2013
Dull Tools Records

Another shining knife sticking out of the chest of midwest music, Yuppies from Omaha, Nebraska handles a unique, engaging and eccentric barrage of sounds on their new self-titled LP. Mixing eclectic sound structures with catchy garage stomps, the LP starts off with echoing drone thumping before accelerating straight into a collision course of angular punk, as heard with “Across the Prairie/A Ride".

The monotone vocal delivery will lure you into a false sense of flatness before throwing you off a ravine with energetic howls. The cover of the album features a single drawing of a car, and many of the songs bring to mind just that: Easy nights riding down roads in the dark, or driving straight into a junkyard car compressor. The juxtaposition throws up the same kind of unique punk Pere Ubu and The Homosexuals covered, although the band never feels pigeonholed. Yuppies is able to shift back and forth into gear between experimental and punk swinging (enough car puns? ok ok). The album was released on Dull Tools and can be digitally download or physically purchased on their bandcamp.

Review by Josh Jenkins