Graham's Top Picks for October/September 2013 (videos)

Graham Matthews bounces from show to show with a handy-cam, collecting the odds and ends of music in St. Louis. There is absolutely no genre-bend in his coverage, made evident by an ever growing Youtube channel, which features thousands of videos of independent artists. Once a month, Graham sends us a list of 5 picks from his personal channel.


Lumpy & The Dumpers as The Blobby Boys @ Star Clipper

When the main blob recommended to stop filming, I almost turned off the camera, but then we wouldn't have this wonderful event captured for eternity.

The Corrigan Brothers as The Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun @ The Heavy Anchor
Did you know The Corrigan Brothers could sing and play drums? I didn't!

Sigur Ros - Glosoli @ The Fox
Filming at the Fox sucks. They make it very clear that it's prohibited, so most of my footage from there is audio-only. When Sigur Ros started into one of my favorite songs, I decided to risk getting kicked out to get a good shot. Totally worth it.

Trauma Harness - Archipelago & Binding Light @ Blank Space
Binding Light might be the perfect soundtrack to every film on VHS. Can someone prove this?

Stonechat @ Cafe Ventana
Stonechat's first gig as a three-piece, and Sean's already getting half-naked and bloody... wonder what the next gig will be like.


Teenage Tasteless @ Apop Records

This guy puts on one trippy rave with sounds straight out of Earthbound and trance-inducing beats. Not to mention growling like Rasputin. Why is this the only Teenage Tasteless video on Youtube????! I'm pretty sure 90% of the views are me watching it over and over.

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds @ LouFest
OK, Twin Shadow just came right out and played my jam to start the set. He didn't even say "hi" or anything, just instant musical gratification. Everything after is bonus.

Wandering Madman - Street Spirit outside LouFest
This mysterious madman was playing all the hits of the world in front of the LouFest entrance. It was below the plateau and 20 degrees cooler there. He was super nice to everyone passing by and more entertaining than nearly every band at LouFest, not to mention free music. DIY & stuff. He really has some "STREET SPIRIT."

Skarekrau Radio @ Plush
Who let Skarekrau Radio out of the dungeon and into the bright lights at Plush? I don't know if this band has ever sounded so crisp. Learn all their lyrics with this video... maybe.

Ryan Wasoba & Foxing as Neutral Milk Hotel @ The Firebird
"I love you, Ryan Wasoba!" a fan shouts right before he sings that one NMH song about Jesus or something. Classic. Ryan Wasoba may indeed be the savior, with him and his Foxing disciples bringing Neutral Milk Hotel to all those who didn't get tickets to the already-sold-out show next February.