Review: KALVIN & KLINE by Designer

Designer | KALVIN & KLINE
Released May 2013
BUFU Records

Hailing from Boston, Designer breeds mutant eggs full of skronk punk-funk and atonal noise. The band's tape, KALVIN & KLINE, instantly kicks off with the bouncing funk lines of “Weekend Museum," and recalls the funkier elements of post-punkers like Delta 5, A Certain Ratio, Pop Group, Pigbag and ESG, but the band overlays its own glazing chainsaw distortion haze into the mix with growling, twisted vocals covering the edges.

“Tommy Gun” loops in repetitive stomps, keeping the pace up until the tape closes with the compressed prog-punk assault of “Try It Out” and the noise-funk twisting steps of “Lollipop." If you’ve been craving that missing link of post-punk and noise rock in your musical life and are sweating for direction, this tape might be worth peeking into. You can get it both via physical copy and digital download straight from their bandcamp.

Review by Josh Jenkins