Nicoffeine at Lemp Arts Center Tonight!

Sorry for slacking this week on the recommendations, y'all. We're out of town this weekend seeing the inimitable Darin Gray perform in Radiolab Live along with some other totally awesome shows. We caught Germany's Nicoffeine last night in Milwaukee and could not recommend them more. It's some of the highest-energy noise rock and they only make it to town every couple of years, so don't miss out!


Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter
The Conformists
@ Lemp Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages
Here's a preview Joe wrote for RFT: Nicoffeine filters German industrial into palpable grooves with booming bass riffs. Sparse yells lend a human voice to an otherwise oppressive wall of static and cymbals. The drumming goes beyond mindless bashing with jazzy emphasis; its pitter-patter comes with careful nuance. Guitarist Soheyl Nassary bounces from stage to showgoer, forcing down the fourth wall in favor of gripping attention. The trio really just parties on stage, reveling in a massive wash of feedback and off-mic screams. Nicoffeine never comes off contrived, and its songs carry heft and several layers. Tasty, salty layers of nasty noise.