Halloweenies 2013

We're skipping the usual show update this week, but for good reason. The two of us (Joe and Mabel) work for Riverfront Times, an alt-weekly newspaper here in St. Louis. We've somehow managed to infiltrate the music blog over there with our picks for Halloween parties tonight, and I've put together a piece on this weekend's Noisefest X.

The Best Halloween Shows in St. Louis Tonight

Connect the Weird to Your Ears: Noisefest Celebrates Its Tenth Year

Check back in the next few days though, because we've got a new edition of Wandering Eye written by Chad Eivins, Graham Matthews' Top 5 Videos from September and more album reviews by Josh Jenkins. For now, get out to a show. I know covers are all the rage tonight, but if you're looking for original bands playing original tunes, check out The Tennis Lesson and more at CBGB:

Review: KALVIN & KLINE by Designer

Designer | KALVIN & KLINE
Released May 2013
BUFU Records

Hailing from Boston, Designer breeds mutant eggs full of skronk punk-funk and atonal noise. The band's tape, KALVIN & KLINE, instantly kicks off with the bouncing funk lines of “Weekend Museum," and recalls the funkier elements of post-punkers like Delta 5, A Certain Ratio, Pop Group, Pigbag and ESG, but the band overlays its own glazing chainsaw distortion haze into the mix with growling, twisted vocals covering the edges.

“Tommy Gun” loops in repetitive stomps, keeping the pace up until the tape closes with the compressed prog-punk assault of “Try It Out” and the noise-funk twisting steps of “Lollipop." If you’ve been craving that missing link of post-punk and noise rock in your musical life and are sweating for direction, this tape might be worth peeking into. You can get it both via physical copy and digital download straight from their bandcamp.

Review by Josh Jenkins

This Week In St. Louis 10/21/13 - 10/27/13


@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave
7:30 until 8:30 / free / all ages

Cooper-Moore is a world-class multi-instrumentalist. He is often a collaborator with the biggest names in modern free-jazz, and Foam will be hosting a one night only solo performance, free to all. Cooper-Moore also works with homemade instruments, and is an educator across the board for contemporary avant-garde music.

Stonechat (tour kick-off show)
Animal City (IL)
Galgal (members of Lions Eat Grass and Laika)
Café Ventana / 3919 West Pine Blvd
8 p.m. / donations / all ages

Wiry riff indie-rock melds with catchy sing-songs. Animal City brings clever jams by way of Chicago, and will join Stonechat on a short U.S. tour following the show. Crucial plays hyper-complex mathy post-rock that builds in soundtrack-esque fashion.


New Music Circle Presents:
William Parker with In Order to Survive
Mad Art Gallery / 2727 S. 12th Street
7 p.m. / $10-20 / all ages

William Parker is a free-jazz icon. His group, In Order to Survive, features percussionist Hamid Drake, Rob Browne, Lewis Barnes and Cooper-Moore. There aren't many words I can use to relate the sheer importance of this group in the free jazz and avant garde world. If you're new to the scene or at all interested, this show is definitely a great entry point and won't disappoint. If you're well-acquainted, then you're likely going and hopefully this is a good reminder.

Ice Hockey (IA)
Animal Teeth

@ Livery Company / 3211 Cherokee
9 p.m. / donations / 21+

Ice Hockey approaches post-hardcore with a decidedly gloom spin. The songs feel dark without bringing on harsh "tough guy" sounds that are so prevalent in the genre. The band is self-proclaimed emo, but the songs here bring on typical genre trappings with restraint, making for a pretty distinct band inside a genre that is literally flooded with facsimiles.


Brain Transplant
DJ Dog Dick
Beauty Pageant
The Night Grinder
Dave Stone
...the return of Jizzgurgler
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee Street
9 p.m. / $10 (gets you the new zine/DVD combo) / 21+

In addition to the long list of local noise acts and gurus, videos and projections will be shown throughout the show. Video artists include Bryan Dematteis, Rick Wilson, Chad Hickman, Leanna Rose Kaiser, Jeremy Melsha, Kevin Harris, Mike Szymanski, Chizzy Chizmo and Brain Transplant. The ten dollar cover is steep, but it nets you admission to the gig, the Scuzz Report zine and the awesome DVD included therein. Expect a night packed with St. Louis experimental sight and sound.

South Saint Louis, you're so fuckin' lucky. In addition to Scuzzfest, you have a multi-stage, four venue festival on Saturday:

Tune into 88.1 KDHX FM in or around St. Louis or at KDHX.org this Thursday evening/Friday morning at 1 A.M. for the Wrong Division radio show. This week, we have special guest Alex Cunningham (KSLU, Billiken Club) to talk about the upcoming Ex-Cult and Little Big Bangs show happening this Saturday at the Billiken Club. We'll also give away tickets to William Parker's In Order To Survive Quintet happening at the Mad Art Gallery on Friday night.

This Week In St. Louis 10/16/13 - 10/20/13


Staer (NORWAY)
Child Abuse (NY)
The Conformists

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St
8 PM / free / all ages

Nasty Euro noise rock mingles with harsh, dissonant prog. This show would cost $12-15 anywhere else, but the Tap Room covers all expenses, offering an absolutely stacked bill for free. Staer brings a fresh take on super-heavy, effects-loaded rock with wiry riffs and impeccable drumming. Child Abuse provides an equally unhinged set, and if that weren't enough to exhaust you, Yowie and The Conformists open the show. Highly recommended all around.

If that show sounds too shrill, look into seeing Pat Sajak Assassins, Zagk Gibbons and more over at the Heavy Anchor.


Barely Free Partial Prisoners
Whsky Gngr
The Hobosexuals

@ The Livery / 3211 Cherokee St
10 PM / free / 21+

Experimental hip-hop clashes against south city broke folkers for a weekend quickie. The show is free, so it's a good opportunity to pick up the latest releases from Barely Free and The Hobosexuals.


Rectal Hygeinics (IL)
Shaved Women
Nos Bos

@ CBGB / 3163 South Grand Ave
9 PM / donations / 21+

Rectal brings dark punk and applies a harsh guitar mess. The Chicago foursome provides a fierce, succinct set of songs. Shaved Women and Nos Bos chime in to reinforce that yes, St. Louis is a nihilistic place.

Rip Rap (MO)
Little Big Bangs
with a DJ set by DJ Googlemeister

@ Chromozone / Ask a freak
8 PM / donations / all ages

Rip Rap is a fun, minimalist rock band with a very adolescent vocal sound. Nothing's too overblown or over-the-top, but Rip Rap manages to carve out quick songs that are catchy and, most importantly, to the point. Little Big Bangs provides that gigantic wall of grunge rock sound you might be craving after a chill set.

Zak Marmalefsky, Willis and The Tory Z Starbuck Project play a free show over at The Schlafly Tap Room.

Before heading out to either show, get a full sampling of local artists by way of Tower Groove Records and their Fall Informal. Apop Records will be hosting the free, all ages show, so buy yourself a record. Featuring: Bug Chaser, Troubadour Dali, Kisser, Dave Stone, Hearskra-z, This City of Takers, Frances With Wolves and possibly more.

Nicoffeine at Lemp Arts Center Tonight!

Sorry for slacking this week on the recommendations, y'all. We're out of town this weekend seeing the inimitable Darin Gray perform in Radiolab Live along with some other totally awesome shows. We caught Germany's Nicoffeine last night in Milwaukee and could not recommend them more. It's some of the highest-energy noise rock and they only make it to town every couple of years, so don't miss out!


Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter
The Conformists
@ Lemp Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages
Here's a preview Joe wrote for RFT: Nicoffeine filters German industrial into palpable grooves with booming bass riffs. Sparse yells lend a human voice to an otherwise oppressive wall of static and cymbals. The drumming goes beyond mindless bashing with jazzy emphasis; its pitter-patter comes with careful nuance. Guitarist Soheyl Nassary bounces from stage to showgoer, forcing down the fourth wall in favor of gripping attention. The trio really just parties on stage, reveling in a massive wash of feedback and off-mic screams. Nicoffeine never comes off contrived, and its songs carry heft and several layers. Tasty, salty layers of nasty noise.

Jail Solidarity at CBGB Tonight

Jail Solidarity (Washington, D.C.)
Animal Teeth
Nos Bos

@ CBGB / 3163 S. Grand
9:30 PM / donations / 21+

Jail Solidarity brings jangly post-punk at half the speed. The band brings a slow, shrill dirge through noisy guitar-driven songs. Nos Bos funnels sludge through desperate hardcore. If anything, they're definitely the slimiest punk around right now.

This Week In St. Louis 9/30/13 - 10/6/13

Earlier this week, we forgot to tell you about Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks. They came from Brooklyn, New York and hit St. Louis on October 1st after playing the Cropped Out Festival in Louisville. Chances are, you missed the gig, so we encourage you check out their latest tape HERE, it kills. To quote the lyrics, "I'm an American girl, fuck everybody else. When I make my million, I'm gunna spend it all on myself."


Wax Fruit
Dot Matrix
(DJ set by Michaella Babbit of Wax Fruit)
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave
9 PM / free / all ages

You might know Wax Fruit from the duo's work as The Fagettes. Formerly based out of Columbia, Missouri, Dom and Michaella were key members of the music scene, booking and housing bands often. The two have recently relocated to St. Louis, so consider this a musical housewarming party, or show. Dot Matrix will kick off the gig with smooth DJ set, while Wax Fruit plays their inaugural set as St. Louis natives.


Thollem McDonas performs TRIUMPH OF THE WILD
@ Webster University Winifred Moore Auditorium / 470 E. Lockwood
7:30 PM / free / all ages

Thollem, the insane pianist who can't seem to get enough of St. Louis, returns once again to perform alongside projected films of Martha Colburn. Expect an intense multimedia experience brought to you by the fastest, weirdest set of fingers around.

New Music Circle presents:
Marty Ehrlich and his Rites Quartet
Kranzberg Arts Center / 501 N. Grand
7:30 PM / $10-20 / all ages

Former St. Louis resident Marty Ehrlich is a legendary free-jazz saxophonist and will bring his absolutely powerful Rites Quartet to the Kranzberg Arts Center. There's a $10 to $20 sliding scale admission fee. Essentially, if you're a student or a local musician, you get to pay $10, but if you're able to sling the $20, do it! New Music Circle needs and deserves your support. Ehrlich's Rites Quartet includes James Zollar (Trumpet), Michael Formanek (Bass), Michael Sarin (Drums).

I put together a preview of New Music Circle's 55th season over at the RFT Music blog. You can check it out in this week's print edition of the paper, too.

Wretched Worst (KY)
Wild Hex

@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee St
9 PM / $7 / all ages

Wretched Worst comes from Kentucky to impose their brand of nihilist sludge through experimental metal. Dark, angry and all together ugly sounding, expect guttural screams around guitars tuned just low enough to vibrate up your bowels. Literally. New band Wild Hex opens and the industrial and hateful sounds of Gutterpriest close. A classic Apop show.


Remember wandering into Cranky Yellow in mid-2011 to catch that weird trio covering Frank Zappa at 1 in the morning? Maybe not, but you too can experience Pet Rock: The Musical as they make their return after a very long hiatus. Animal Teeth and Beauty Pageant will open, proving that punk and noise belong together. At The Livery (3211 Cherokee Street).

Check out two street fests this weekend: Black James and Caveofswords play The GREAT TOTEM FESTIVAL on Cherokee Street. There's no word on exact time slots, but expect that sort of kitschy hula hoop and body paint nonsense (as it's a 2720 event). Anyway, the outside stage happens on Cherokee Street between Texas and Iowa. There's also Grove Fest 2013, but we're unsure of which bands are playing. If you like walking around a street totally crammed with bodies and paying for overpriced food, this is YOUR weekend.


Sunday is a little dry show wise, but check out the RUMMAGE SALE happening over at Chromozone. If you don't know where that spot is at, head down Cherokee and turn onto Illinois. There should be tons of people out and around the house anytime after 10 AM.

Mixtape Club XXXII meets up around noon in Tower Grove Park (enter into the park from Grand, make the first right. They will be past the playground, under a small pavilion). Bring one mixtape to trade and one 1993 theme tape to donate to the Metro Prom. Or not. Come hang either way.

The 88.1 KDHX Fall Membership Drive starts this week and goes until next Sunday. That means it's time to show your appreciation by throwing down 30 or 40 bucks either through the website or through the phone (314-664-3688). Remember though, if you want to show your love for the Wrong Division radio show specifically, wait to call or donate until this or next week on Thursday night / Friday morning at 1 AM.