Album Review: Little Big Bangs CD

Little Big Bangs | Self Titled Full Length
Released September 2013
Self Released

If the Little Big Bangs are anything they’re unadulterated, they’re pure. This album is reagent quality punk - an uncompromised reflection of who the band is and where they’re from. From mocking the quintessential St. Louis question about high school with a lyric like, “Where’d you learn to read & write,” to angry indictments of police cruelty & hypocrisy, this band is a no bullshit experience.

The hallmark wall of fuzzy guitar noise & static that defines the Little Big Bangs hasn’t been compromised, yet the recording offers a surprising level of clarity, bringing the energetic riffs and harsh vocals to the forefront. Ryan Macias, Eric Boschen, and Lucy Doughtery all take turns leading this layer cake of garage punk noise, held rigidly together by Drew Gowran.

Every riff rings out free of added fluff, pretentious solos or drawn out songs. The fifth track I Don’t Wanna Talk About It, starts out with a much thinner than usual bass-led sound that gives way to a punctuated dissonance of scratching and squealing. It’s all abruptly cut off before a racing climax that doesn’t let up until the final note rings. The seventh track Lucky is testament to the quality of this album. The song first appeared on their Easter Egg demo, yet it would be wrong to say we’ve heard it before. The song itself is unchanged, but it sounds brighter and new. Like all tough guys they even have a soft side, which they certainly keep hidden (get the album, you’ll know what I mean).

The Little Big Bangs’ self-titled album is full of raucous fun and energy. It’s everything rock ’n’ roll should be with none of the bullshit it shouldn’t. Personally, I can’t wait to get in the car with this album - it’s the kind of music you drive real fast to.

Review by Eli LaChance

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