Recommended Shows This Week 8/5/13 - 8/11/13


Stillsuit (CA)
Stella (OH)
Little Big Bangs
The Ultraviolents

@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Avenue
8 PM / $5 / all ages

Stillsuit's femme-fronted howls mix with shrill guitar chords and thrashy beats. This angular, minimalist approach to noise rock feels primal and painful, but contains a unique rip. Stella is guitar driven post-punk from Ohio and fires of quick songs that hold minor prog-rock elements. The local mix contains gloomy goth along with jangly punk rock.

For a more eclectic night of electronics, check out Touch People and Pleasure Adapter from Nebraska over at 2720.


Glow God (OK)
Seaby and The Rules
The Cuckolds
Miserable Now
(it's probably Maximum Effort)
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee Street
9 PM / $5 / 21+

Glow God (feat. members of WICCANS) brings trashy grunge bathed in feedback. Lots of mid-tempo riffs with gnarly breakdowns and screaming vocals populate succinct punk rock songs.


Reptilian Shape Shifters (CA)
Early Worm
3 of 5

@ Cafe Ventana / 3919 West Pine Blvd
8 PM / $5 donation / all ages

At their weirdest, Reptilian Shape Shifters invoke dark math rock and at their brightest, the band gives off danceable hooks with suitable distortion. The local line-up is packed with happy, melodic finger-tap rock 'n roll with the occasional bleep and bloop for posterity.

I can't talk much about it, but Stoic Violence, Life Life, Lumpy and Nos Bos are all playing Thursday at the super secret punk spot in town.

Likewise, there's another hardcore show happening by a van down by the river. It's on Friday and features the return of CARDIAC ARREST with Back to Back from Houston and Bath House Boys. Hit the link and ask Rob Ruz for details and directions.


Cathedral Fever
Bad Dates
Dad Jr.
Animal Teeth
The Vanilla Beans
Boreal Hills
Patrick Kablamo
Tubby Tom
Beauty Pageant
DJ Austin 3:16
32 Piece Vintage Party Set

@ The Livery / 3211 Cherokee Street
4 PM / free / 21+

Perhaps the last, genuine artifact of a bygone age, zines are punk-to-print books. Freezerburn Industires and Acid Kat Zine both contest the digital age with a smattering of ink and brains. The minds behind both of these active zines will swap spit for Electric Kool-Aid, an end-of-Summer show with more than ten performers. Garage monsters Dad Jr join the ever noisy Beauty Pageant to top off a cross-hatch of St. Louis sound. The talented (and talent-less) are split between two stages with a round-robin of feedback, moaning and groaning. Messy jangly punk lives with tight, composed pop in a psychedelic mess that no doubt tests the terms of independent rock in St. Louis.

The Tennis Lesson
Popular Mechanics
The Eternal Virgins

@ CBGB / 3163 South Grand Avenue
10 PM / free / 21+

The Tennis Lesson's bandcamp contains proof of this city's penchant for holding underrated bands. They seldom play, but the Tennis Lesson have brainy rock songs with a subtle pop lean and carry an audible sense of great detail.