Album Review: Spooky Routine by Demon Lover

by Josh Jenkins

Demon Lover is a South City ensemble who blurt out an eclectic/eccentric whirlwind barrage. Their newest release Spooky Routine shows a wheezing insight into the bands atmosphere, muddied visions of analog injections and overlapping lucid dreams. Sonically, the band's sound triggers a game of leap frog. Music genres vomit into each other’s mouths, creating a unique sound stemmed from experiments and the multiple instruments, objects and noises built into every crease of each song.

The opening track opens with twang strumming until an over-driven Farfisa organ driven beat leaks in, which sounds like a mobile opium wagon being dragged through the desert by drunk camels, whereas the second track picks up from the fuzzy bliss into a skronky garage bopper. Atonally, the tracks shift back and forth from overblown fuzz, echoy breathing space and squeaky clean production. Sampling, both literally as well as borrowing familiar vocal melodies for a few seconds, lays buried among the album, luring you into a false sense of comfortable bliss before pulling a violent shouting fit.

Demon Lover's own sound definitely shows their own affinity with '60s psychedelia, while shotgunning a cocktail of prog, stoner sludge, post punk and bakersfield sound. Names like The Residents or Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band shouldn’t be too surprising - this sounds like Flaming Lips trekking too far in the deep corners of the atom. The album was released by the St. Louis/Chicago hybrid Manic Static, which has been responsible for some of the most unique and exciting punk/noise/experimental releases over the past couple years.

If you’ve got nothing better to burn into your medulla pick this puppy up or get a digital copy on their bandcamp.