This Saturday: David Wolk Unfolds As Charm Ape

David Wolk, headmaster of Cranky Yellow, has conceived Charm Ape. This exhibit will be ready to be explored and experienced this Saturday, July 20th. Being the culmination of Wolk's past, present and future, expect a striking visual experience along with odd prose spit over quick beats.

Charm Ape itself is about a journey through birth and re-birth with all the breaking and building involved. Follow Wolk through physical forms of his psyche as several stages of life are torn asunder, only to be built back up.

If you were one of the many who walked into the Cranky Yellow store from June 2007 to June 2011, then you'll have a small clue of what's to come. 

Here is some language from Wolk's official press release on Charm Ape:

"I began having the most vivid dreams which intensified into full mythic visions. I found myself identifying with the central figure of this unfolding parable. For the last year I have been capturing these stories through art, symbols and rhythm. Now it is time to share this work.

The art, primarily paintings and sculptures, are coupled with a theatrical performance piece. Enacting transformations or rites of passage humans undergo (universal) and examining the autobiographical (local) narrative of my own history.

This show is ritualistic, primitive and raw. I enter the exhibition not only as the creator but also as the ceremonial participant; the protagonist of this myth. The work contains storytelling, puppetry, rap, electronic music, unicycling, noise, movement, destruction and even a mud rebirth!"


If you've decided to experience Charm Ape in all its cerebral glory, remember that it's not as simple as going to a building and sitting in a chair. You must first locate the Giver of Charms at the corner of Iowa and Cherokee to initiate yourself into the CHARM APE journey. You will receive further directions upon completing this step. The festivities begin at 7 PM, but the performance is set at 8:30 PM sharp. 

If you're still a skeptic, you can tune into KDHX tonight/this morning from 1 AM - 3 AM. We're having David Wolk sit in on a special broadcast of Wrong Division to answer all our personal questions. Tune into 88.1 FM if you're in or around St. Louis, or click this link right here to listen online. 

If you hate independent radio and would rather listen to clueless mainstream media types talk about David's exhibition, click here