Monday Night Double Feature

We helped throw together a bill tonight at Blank Space for Speedy Ortiz, a killer grunge band from western Massachusetts. The heads over at Blank Space were already hosting Huntronik from New York, so we're helping each other out here. Jake Cohen and Foam set up a show with three out-of-town rappers as well, so hit Cherokee tonight and support these groups. Share the knowledge!


Speedy Ortiz (MA)
Huntronik (NY)
Little Big Bangs
Spelling Bee

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Speedy Ortiz sort of mashes everything lovable about '90s grunge into one clever set of jams. The drums are super loud and heavy hitting, the guitars hit critical mass and the vocals range from somber singing to straight screaming. Huntronik is modern kraut-esque indie rock. I've someone say "no one likes Little Big Bangs because of their politics," and I think it's bullshit. They're one of the city's best kept secrets. Let's rectify that.

If guitars and drums bum you out, you could always catch the smart and exploratory line-up of hip-hop over at Foam tonight, starring Barely Free Partial Prisoners with B. Durazzo, Knife+Miggs and Contraverse. I did an interview with Jake Cohen of Barely Free over at the RFT music blog today. Read that here.