Graham & Steve Top 5 for June 2013

Graham and Steve are St. Louis scene documentarians. Their guerilla style photography makes for unaltered, unglorified snapshots of music in our city. The duo submits their favorite caps each month, painting a solid picture of the goings on in dusty basements, art galleries and seedy clubs. Peruse Graham's Youtube channel for more videos.

Adult Fur at The Flamingo Bowl (6/1/13)

Adult Fur plays a few songs and then throws a curve ball by bringing in special guests at the 7:30 mark. The energy builds and builds until it explodes. I had this song in my head for days after, and I'm still not sure what I saw. Grind hard like Ryan do it, indeed.

Bug Chaser at The Side Bar (6/1/13)
Steve tells us to go see shows, and Bug Chaser rocks out.

Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship at Foam (6/21/13)
The Superfun boys put out a comic book, but Chris didn't bring his drawing of us. Poor guy looks so sad.

Lions Eat Grass at Blank Space (6/29/13)
John from Lions Eat Grass thinks there's something wrong with him, but there's nothing wrong with this video.

Lovers at MoKaBe's (6/29/13)
After seeing three amazing local bands at Blank Space, we stopped by MoKaBe's to see if the Queer Bomb dance party was still going on. This lovely band from Portland, Lovers, was outside playing in the cool night breeze. Fans were singing every word of all their songs in the front row and dancing. There should always be bands outside of MoKaBe's, and every cafe for that matter.

Brass – All People at Blank Space. (6/29/13)

Move – RFT Music Showcase. (6/1/13)

Super relaxed fun – Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship’s Comic Book Release Show. (6/21/13)

Too much Coke – Bug Chaser at RFT Music Showcase. (6/1/13)

Work – Joel Kern of (it!) shoots confetti at the crowd at the ULTRA Party. (6/28/13)