Recommended Shows This Week 5/13/13 - 5/19/13


Joy Sores (Denton, TX)
Spelling Bee

@ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

Joy Sores packs fierce guitar noise into tight rhythms with their abrasive shoegaze. Think noise rock for emo kids from the '90s and Joy Sores fills the gap. Laika are local screaming teens (young adults?) with riffs for miles.


Little Big Bangs
Peck Of Dirt
Corrigan Brothers

@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave.
8 PM / $5 / 21+

This noisy night at Lemmons features an angular wall of guitars by way of the Corrigan Brothers. Little Big Bangs filter all your '90s nostalgia (a la Pavement, Sonic Youth and Fugazi) through a distinctly River City sound. Stonechat is a guitar and drum duo that breeds confusion with melody in a twisted and noisy pop format.


Rhizomatic St. Louis 2 (Cassette Tape Release)
John Tamm-Buckle, Radiant Husk, Marble, Byssus
with visuals by:
Jeremy Kannapell & Ajay Khanna
@ Kerr Foundation / 21 O'Fallon Street
9 PM / $5 (cassette included) / All Ages

If sound-art and free improvisation are foreign concepts to you, try Rhizomatic St. Louis for an introduction to local experimental and exploratory music. If you are well acquainted, the artists featured provide an involved and engaging sound and admission nets you a free cassette tape compilation.


Night Moves (Kansas City, MO)
Shaved Women
Lumpy and The Dumpers
Life Like

@ Bonerville / Ask A Punk
9 PM / $5 / All Ages

This show looks St. Louis versus Kansas City in a game of hardcore all-stars. Night Moves is a fairly new band from No Class, Dark Ages, Meat Mist and more while Life Like (members of Voight-Kampff, Shaved Women, Masculine Journey, others) plays their first show.

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