Recommended Shows This Weekend 6/1/13 - 6/2/13


Non Serviam (Columbia, MO)
The Daggers

@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois
11:30 p.m. / free / 21+

Bring ear-plugs for post-rock, stoner metal and every harsh noise in-between. Lemmons stays open real late, so consider this show the after-party to whatever else you're doing on Saturday. Although the show is listed as being free, there are two bands from out of town so bring the dough to donate or spend on merchandise.

Jack Buck
Bald Eagle
(Columbia, MO)
Believes (Columbia, MO)
Union Rags (ex-Hibernauts)
@ Off Broadway / 3509 Lemp Ave.
8:30 p.m. / $10 / 18+

Jack Buck releases its second record on this eve, and continues the band's tradition of unique packaging with a clear hard-plastic case and clear vinyl. Bald Eagle will make their first appearance in St. Louis since playing at the Bluebird (the former Firebird) in late 2007. Expect a brainy and noisier-than-thou take on metal from Jack Buck.

N. Nomurai

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
9 p.m. / free / ALL AGES

N. Nomurai's dark improvisation features complex rhythms among a backdrop of booming bass and swirling sounds. Eric Hall commands twisted electronics while pushing this trio into bizarre territory. Instrumental rockers Dibiase open the show with Saluda.

If you're brave enough to traverse Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis, check out the RFT Music Showcase which features tons of radical bands.


High Horse (Carbondale, IL)
Zagk Gibbons

@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois
11 p.m. / free / 21+

High Horse provides progressive rock filtered through punk execution. Featuring members of Autonomy, a goth-punk band from Carbondale, High Horse merges rough-edged influences with a classic genre to make a strict but engaging set of songs. Zagk Gibbons is a one man wrecking ball of drums and guitar.

Swells (Denver, CO) hits the Livery TONIGHT


Swells (Denver, CO)
Whsky Gngr
Rooster and The Coop

@ The Livery / 3211 Cherokee St.
8 PM / FREE / 21+

Swells funnels hardcore into a mindful, jazzy affair for weirdos and rejects. There's a complexity present that reaches far to undermine any genre trappings. Swells comes recommended if you're into the hard and heavy but always wanted something slightly more heady. Barely Free off-shoot Rooster and The Coop opens with help from the dubsteb-meets-noise Volcanoes and Whsky Gngr.

If you want straight keyboards and none of this feedback or guitar business, check out Anamanaguchi at the Demo tonight.

Recommended Shows This Week 5/20/13 - 5/26/13


Nasa Space Universe (CA)
The Coltranes (CA)
Nrml Ppl
Lumpy and The Dumpers
Nos Bos

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / 21+

Nasa Space Universe tears through quick abrasive songs. Don't call them noise punk though, I've seen them on Facebook screaming about how they're not a noise band. Instead go and tell them how hardcore they are, they'd probably like that. NSA comes through St. Louis on their way to Chaos in Tejas in Texas, where the who's who of hardcore go to be pissed and loud. Nos Bos, Nrml Ppl and Lumpy show these West-Coasters how we do it in landlocked Missouri.


Gula Gila (Chicago, IL)
Larva Lou
Mr. Ben

@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

Gula Gila is a minimalist prog band that executes short songs with trashy punk fashion. Featuring members of Forced Into Femininity, the Chicago based trio incorporates noise into their singular hodge-podge sound. Local mainstays Larva Lou and Mr. Ben (of Beauty Pageant) open with rare solo sets.


The Brainstems (FINAL SHOW)
An Unfortunate Woman (Chicago, IL)
Marshall Brown (Bloomington, IN)
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / 21+

If you are a fan of The Brainstems or a garage-rock enthusiast, go to this show. If you skip out, you'll be sad. The Brainstems are splitting after this gig, and their last performance is punctuated by the fresh-faced Armadillo. An Unfortunate Woman and Marshall are visiting from afar, so bring dough to spend on tapes and wax.

John L. Horner (Rochester, NY)
Ou Ou
Eric Hall
Kevin Harris w/ Joseph Hess

@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

John L. Horner provides exploratory compositions featuring alien guitar work. Eric Hall leads a crew of local noise freaks such as Britches, Kevin Harris, Ou Ou and more. Expect a complete and utter mess of experimental sound.

Catch an all-local celebration of Tone Rodent and Kisser's Split 7" over at Plush


The Funeral & The Twilight (Minneapolis, MN)
Dusty Santamaria (Minneapolis, MN)
Animal Teeth
Red Bits
(featuring members of Trauma Harness)
@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

Gothic punks unique with guitars and keys. Toss it all in the pit and look around depressed wearing black lipstick. Catch Red Bits's debut show as they challenge Willis for the title of best new synth punks. Minneapolis punks serve as your panel of faithful, informed judges.

If you need more screaming in your life, catch post-hardcore mutants MOTHS and Texas Instruments over at the Lemp Arts Center

We're hard at work on the next Wrong Division compilation, which is set for release on June 20th. Until then, take a look at:

Recommended Shows This Week 5/13/13 - 5/19/13


Joy Sores (Denton, TX)
Spelling Bee

@ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

Joy Sores packs fierce guitar noise into tight rhythms with their abrasive shoegaze. Think noise rock for emo kids from the '90s and Joy Sores fills the gap. Laika are local screaming teens (young adults?) with riffs for miles.


Little Big Bangs
Peck Of Dirt
Corrigan Brothers

@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave.
8 PM / $5 / 21+

This noisy night at Lemmons features an angular wall of guitars by way of the Corrigan Brothers. Little Big Bangs filter all your '90s nostalgia (a la Pavement, Sonic Youth and Fugazi) through a distinctly River City sound. Stonechat is a guitar and drum duo that breeds confusion with melody in a twisted and noisy pop format.


Rhizomatic St. Louis 2 (Cassette Tape Release)
John Tamm-Buckle, Radiant Husk, Marble, Byssus
with visuals by:
Jeremy Kannapell & Ajay Khanna
@ Kerr Foundation / 21 O'Fallon Street
9 PM / $5 (cassette included) / All Ages

If sound-art and free improvisation are foreign concepts to you, try Rhizomatic St. Louis for an introduction to local experimental and exploratory music. If you are well acquainted, the artists featured provide an involved and engaging sound and admission nets you a free cassette tape compilation.


Night Moves (Kansas City, MO)
Shaved Women
Lumpy and The Dumpers
Life Like

@ Bonerville / Ask A Punk
9 PM / $5 / All Ages

This show looks St. Louis versus Kansas City in a game of hardcore all-stars. Night Moves is a fairly new band from No Class, Dark Ages, Meat Mist and more while Life Like (members of Voight-Kampff, Shaved Women, Masculine Journey, others) plays their first show.

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Recommended Shows This Week 5/6/13 - 5/12/13


Arvid Noe (Boston, MA)
Banned Books (Philadelphia, PA)
The Funs
Spelling Bee

@ Mushmaus / 2700 Cherokee St.
8:30 PM / $5 (suggested donation) / All Ages

Boston's Arvid Noe features two guitars riffing, wiggling and intermingling amidst equally unpredictable and driving drum patterns. The weirdo post punk axe wielders sound like they're desperately playing their way out of a retro video game, shredding the virtual world to ragged, jagged ribbons along the way. The trio makes rock roll along unlike the next guys, coaxing their instruments to communicate to each other in weird blips, clicks, slides and carefully picked harmonious noises. Catch them howling along while performing songs off of their new record, Islington, during their last ever tour, dubbed "Noe Future."


Ulan Bator (France)
Wei Zhongle (Carbondale, IL)
Nathalie Forget (France)
@ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 PM / $7 / All Ages

Ulan Bator's post-rock recalls early Kraut-masters Can and Neu! but spins the genre with unhinged and heavy pieces. Ulan Bator has spent the latter part of its 20 years closely working with Faust while grinding away at its own noisy dirge. While volumes ebb and flow through each piece, textural shifts provide rich complexity. Ulan Bator comes from France, and their rare U.S. appearance is made more personal with the stage-free Lemp Arts Center, wherein audience and performer share an intimate space. Wei Zhongle's moaning vocals creep under dueling clarinets and fierce but reserved percussion. Rob Jacobs sings with mystique, bringing human voice to alien sounds. Wei Zhongle drones with repetition only to break with swirling progressive-rock.


New Music Circle Showcase: Celebration of Sun Ra's 99th Birthday
The Trinity Piano Trio, Eric Hall, Adam Maness, Robert Wykes, Serban Nichifor, Tracy Andreotti, Fred Tompkins, James Hegarty and Michael Hunt
@ The William A Kerr Foundation / 21 O'Fallon St.
7:30 / General $20 / Students $10 / All Ages

Check out many area composers as they share their works based on the life and music of Sun Ra. Expect a Sun Ra inspired live performance by The Trinity Piano Trio. The show is expected to begin at 7:30 and last no later than 9:30.


Slingshot Dakota (Philadelphia, PA)
The Funs
Times Beach
(Reunion Show)
@ Chromozone / Ask A Freak
9 PM / $5 / All Ages

Slingshot Dakota slings pop punk with hints of jazz over straight ahead piano and drum music. Happy jams are aplenty with Times Beach, which features members of Masculine Journey and Overdoser bringing what they identify as RAW POP. The Funs are fresh off a recent tour and Trenchfoot returns after several years of hiatus with feel good punk.


Curved Dog (New Orleans, LA)
Glow God (Oklahoma City, OK)
Missionary Haircut (Oklahoma City, OK)
Nos Bos
Spelling Bee
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / All Ages

No-wave riffers from down south bring their noise north. You can check Curved Dog in the video above, but skip to the one minute mark for music. Glow God and Missionary tour together on a split cassette tape and push their angular post-punk with solid, driving songs.
If you're into Japanese metal you can check out Boris and Pallbearer over the Firebird on this night.

New Album by Forteana

Forteana features current members of Pillow Talk and Good Luck At The Hog Slaughter. This is heady math rock that delves into metal but thankfully stays distinct. Forteana has been active since early 2012 and just released this full studio effort yesterday. Check it out!

Stag Nite 10th Anniversary Show TONITE @ Blank Space


This one almost slipped by. Stag Nite's been going for 10 years now, and has been crucial in getting heads out to soak in beer and loud sound. Johnny Vegas has worked with practically every little sub-scene in St. Louis and turned his weekly Stag Nite into a showcase of rejects and weirdos, regardless of musical leanings. According to Johnny Vegas: "Tonite we celebrate- ten great years, six great venues, about a thousand acts, three vans and four haircuts later- Stag Nite is still kicking ass! Thank you Saint Loufest! Can I have ten more? And some pizza?"

Yes. Yes you can.

Malaikat Dan Singa (featuring Arrington de Dionyso)
Union Electric

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
9 PM / $5 / 21+

Arrington de Dionyso's latest digs Malaikat Dan Singa provide tribal rhythm with heavy noise and truly guttural vocals. Other than sounding like an alien ritual, Singa pushes a uniquely dark and twisted music. Union Electric, led by St. Louis hall-of-famer Tim Rakel, merges droney folk music with crunchy, distorted guitars. Check it out, FOLKS! You can read more about South City's tradition of Stag Nite right here.