Wrong Division on KDHX 88.1 FM Playlist 3/1/13

Battles “B + T” from EP-C - EP (Monitor Records 2004)

Talk Normal “SUNSHINE” from Sunshine (Joyful Noise 2012)

Black Eyes “Someone Has His Fingers Broken” from Black Eyes (Dischord 2003)

Little Big Bangs “Head Down” from Easter Egg Demo (self-released 2012

BIG BEAR “Song 17” from Under the Beach (Joyful Noise Recordings 2010)

Antioch Arrow “Angels Lawn” from In Love With Jets (Gravity)

Xaddax “Hit Cancel” from Counterclockwork (Skin Graft Records 2012)

This Is My Condition “WALK AWAY” from Cut Loose (self released)

Nicoffeine “Handjobs & Runaways” from Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer (Bluenoise)

MLU “VOM DOG” from MLU (Rotted Tooth)

Nicoffeine “Holy Hell of a Himmel” from Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer (Bluenoise)

Meat Mist “Obviously, You Suck” from SMUT (self-released)

Zevious “Avant Clave” from Zevious (self released 2008)

Can “Doko E.” from ANTHOLOGY (WM Germany 2007)

Ruins “AHFTSIVESPHA” from ALONE (Skin Graft Records 2007)

Melt-Banana “Loop Nebula” from initial t (Initial Records)

Gnarwhal “Cats Evasion” from Duane (self-released)

Unwound “Caterpillar” from Unwound EP (Kill Rock Stars)

Sweep the Leg Johnny “Please Send Me Roses Before I am Dead” from Sweep The Leg Johnny/Rumah Sakit Live 9/9/00 (Sick Room)