Recommended Shows This Weekend 3/15 - 3/17/13


Behold...the Arctopus (Brooklyn, NY)
Sine Nomine

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
9 PM / $5 / 21+

Behold comes from Brooklyn, bringing with it members of The Flying Luttenbachers and Gorguts. The link of technical prog-rock with shrill metal delivers songs that are as sharp as they are violent. Yowie brings brain-bending a la guitars and heavy pitter patter. Sine Nomine links the two bands with distinct and visceral post-hardcore.


Gas Rag (Chicago, IL)
FaultFinder (Kansas City, MO)
Pink Sock
Animal Teeth

@ Bonerville / ask a punk
9 PM / $5 / all ages

Gas Rag features members of Culo and Acid Reflux, so expect puking, violence and feedback. If you're squeamish keep your distance. Faultfinder features St. Louis ex-pat Don Beasley, who has more punk in his big toenail than you. Recent new comers Animal Teeth join Pink Sock to open.

Talk Normal (Brooklyn, NY)
Spelling Bee

@ The Demo / 4144 Manchester Blvd.
8 PM / $10 / 18+

Here's your annual primer on noise rock. I say annual because St. Louis rarely hosts more than 1 or 2 noise rock bands at once. Speaking of that genre, isn't it a little pretentious? Claiming the word noise and tagging it to your own insufferable sound is a bit arrogant. We should know, we're in one of these bands listed above. We won't tell you which.


Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks (Brooklyn, NY)
Massive Ego (Chicago, IL)
Vamos (Chicago, IL)
Pillow Talk
Spending Habits

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / 21+

All this is recommended if you're into Fugazi, Unwound or early '90s Gravity Records stuff. If none of those things mean a damn thing to you, just know that these bands take punk and push it forward with angular riffs and attention to detail. Expect well-rehearsed sounds amidst the punk aesthetic which happily welcomes gritty, rough edges.

There's too much to recommend this weekend. If none of the above are your thing, you might be privy to the following: (links may require Facebook)

Caspian, Native and Foxing over at The Firebird on Friday, March 15
Goodtime Boys, Loma Prieta, Mids and Sine Nomine over at The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on Tuesday, March 19

The Wrong Division Spring Solstice Sampler hits next week. Check back. Free downloads, feedback, you know.