Recommended Shows This Week 3/18/13 - 3/24/13


Total Trash (Minneapolis, MN)
The Can't Tells (Brooklyn, NY)
Shaved Women
@ CBGB / 3163 Grand Blvd
9 PM / $5 / 21+

Total Trash carries the trend of solid and inventive hardcore from the twin cities (see: the Brain Tumors show later this week). The Can't Tells swerve around indie rock with rumbling amps and solid drums. Shaved Women bring sounds and screams of debauchery, all the while delivering focused mid-tempo hardcore.

Loma Prieta (San Francisco, CA)
Goodtimes Boys (U.K.)
Sine Nomine

@ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave
7:30 PM / $7 / all ages

Loma Prieta delivers on heavy handed post-hardcore with a refined and polished perspective. Goodtime Boys come from across the ocean, following Loma Prieta with distinctly melodic songs and desperate vocals. Sine Nomine prove that metalcore shouldn't be a term met with disgust and newcomers Mids fires off with energetic, brainy songs.

Tuesday, March 19th is insane for St. Louis. I don't have enough energy to write up every good gig happening that night, but here are some others:

Eric Hall, Caveofswords & others at Blank Space

Spires That In The Sunset Rise (IL), Tanline & others at Chromozone

Spending Habits, Sunnyvale & others at Cicero's

Army of Infants (OH), Sleepy and The Bedtimes & others at Mushmaus


Lantern (Philadelphia, PA)
Sheer Agony (Montreal, CANADA)
Animal Teeth
Big Blue

@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee St.
9 PM / $5 / all ages

Lantern is one of those infectious rock bands you hate to love. I won't gush over them, but if you're into that down & dirty garage sound, this is a solid line up. Animal Teeth continues their barely pubescent march through South City while Big Blue keeps things tethered with concrete jams.


Brain Tumors (Minneapolis, MN)
Killer Blow (Omaha, NE)
Coaxed (Omaha, NE)
Who Fucking Cares?
Nos Bos

@ Bonerville / Ask A Punk / Visit Facebook
9 PM / $5 / all ages
Brain Tumors is utterly oppressive hardcore with wild and complex drums. Expect cold and strict jams with abrasive guitars. Killer Blow and Coaxed come from Omaha with raw songs of the garage rock ilk. Come on time to hear a hat trick of St. Louis hardcore via Nos Bos, Who Fucking Cares? and Overdoser.


Trauma Harness
Chill Dawgs
Poison Control Center
(Ames, IA)
@ Plush / 3224 Locust St.
8 PM / $7 / all ages, but a $3 surcharge

Bunnygrunt turns 20. How many bands insist on making a ruckus that long? Our local twee troupe deserves your hearts and ears. Be sure to pick up the new split 7" on this night featuring both Bunnygrunt and Trauma Harness. Check out this solid long night of feel-good noise.

Control (Madison, WI)
Zagk Gibbons

@ Mushmaus / 2700 Cherokee St.
9 PM / $5 / all ages

Melodic math rock hails from the north to split hairs and ears in St. Louis. Control breeds careful progression with twinkly riffs, making for warm and involved music. Zagk Gibbons is a one man wonder, working with loops and powerful percussion to create involved pieces which build in real-time. Crucial and Stonechat both provide interweaving pieces of complex tunes for your head holes.