Wrong Division on KDHX 88.1 FM Playlist 2/22/13

Yowie “I Could Care Less” from Damning With Faint Praise - EP (Skin Graft Records 2012

Gay Beast “We Keep Our Victims Ready” from Charm (Skin Graft)

Glass Teeth “Jacob Saved Them All” from Glass Teeth 7" (self-released 2010

BIG BEAR “TRACK 1” from Big Bear (Monitor Records 2005)

Xaddax “Lives on Nerves” from Counterclockwork (Skin Graft Records 2012)

Benard “Medieval Kinevel” from Split with Worn In Red (Alaska Records)

Benard “A Prostitute That Caters Exclusively To Clowns” from Split with Worn In Red (Alaska Records)

Double Dagger “Luxury Condos for the Poor” from Sophisticated Urban Living (Terra Firma)

Sweep the Leg Johnny “only In a Rerun” from Going Down Swingin' (Southern 2002)

Antioch Arrow “This Great Wall” from In Love With Jets (Gravity)

Ho-Ag “Handsome” from Doctor Cowboy (Hello Sir 2008)

Upsilon Acrux “Night of the Goblin” from Volueris Avis Dirae-Arum (Planaria Recordings 2010)

Battles “ATLAS” from Mirrored (WARP RECORDS LIMITED 2007)

The Advantage “Megaman II - Stage Select + Metal Man” from Elf Titled (5RC 5rc.com 2006)

Ahleuchatistas “Prosthetic God” from Even In the Midst... (Cuneiform Records 2007)

Grand Ulena “Lemp” from Neosho - EP (Family Vineyard 1999)

Zs “Nobody Wants To Be Had” from Arms (Planaria Recordings 2006)

Zevious “Gradual Decay” from After the Air Raid (Cuneiform Records 2009)

You Fantastic! “Friendless” from Homesickness (Skin Graft Records 2007)