Wrong Division on KDHX 88.1 FM Playlist 2/15/2013

Tortoise "Seneca" from "Standards" Kuan "K" from "On/Standby"

King Crimson "Lark's Tongue In Aspic" from "Lark's Tongue In Aspic"

Lebanon "Finland" from "Planet Rubble"

Fischessen "Kittner" from "Köder"

Noxagt "Drittstilk" from "Split with Ultralyd" 

Passe Montagne "Dactiloca" from "Long Play" 

The Star Death "Song to Save You" from "Feministica" 

Vialka "PREMIER PAS" from "Succes Planetaire International" 

Upsilon Acrux "Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness)" from "Galapagos Momentum" 

Cheval de Frise "Connexion Monstrueuse Entre un Objet Et Son Image" from "Cheval de Frise" 

Grand Ulena "Neosho" from "Neosho - EP" 

Battles "SZ2" from "B EP" 

Ahleuchatistas "Future Trauma" from "Heads Full of Poison" 

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth "Conjurin'" from "Peaced" 

The VSS "In Miniature" from "Nervous Circuits" 

This Is My Condition "My Blood" from "Cut Loose"