St. Louis Hits the Road: Tips From the Many Local Bands that Toured in 2012

This article was intended to be on Wrong Division as my sentimental letter to St. Louis music in 2012. I often do freelance work for The Riverfront Times and their readership happens to be thousands of people, so I thought the piece would be better served through their music blog. I wasn't able to include every adventurous band or artist (there's only so much space in my skull), but I know Falsetto Boy and Ou Ou both hit the road among many others.

Proof of the elusive Yowie in Europe. This photo was shamelessly stolen from the band's Facebook

"Local bands are becoming emboldened enough to venture outside of St. Louis' borders due in part to continued support from local fans and media. Promoters like Mike Cracchiolo and Johnny Vegas drive local artists into opening spots for buzz-worthy touring bands. DIY show bookers such as Luc Michalski, Rob Ruzicka, Meghan Cowling, Tiffany Minx (just to name a few) helped pack South city basements, riverside vans and other non-traditional spaces all year. Former venue Pig Slop Studios brought a pile of noise artists north to a church in Chicago for a party more sacrilegious than usual, featuring Beauty Pageant, Melanympha Meatbeat and more."
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