Top 12 from Stephen and Graham

Stephen Houldsworth and Graham Matthews take to the city streets almost daily, bringing enthusiasm to every pocket of St. Louis culture. The duo documents music through candid photo and video, bringing modest equipment to painstakingly capture the times. Both Stephen and Graham have made performing rewarding for many artists through their constant support and contributions.

Houldsworth carries a tiny point-and-shoot which allows him to venture through beer soaked mosh pits and crowded basements with little prejudice. We asked Stephen for his top twelve caps of 2012, and he thankfully obliged. Here goes:

Awakening. Melanympha Meatbeat at mushmaus. (12/15/12)

Dali Rama. Prince Rama at Art Dimensions. (3/21/12)

Dance Dance Dance. Googolplexia with MSIF at RFT Music Showcase. (6/2/12)

El Euphorium. Surfing to The Little Big Bangs at El Lenador. (9/15/12)

Just So Theremin. The Octopus Project at The Firebird. (10/14/12)

Kuu Koo-L. Skarekrau Radio at Pig Slop. (3/21/12)

Love unedited. Totally Gay Cop at Record Store Day – APOP. (4/21/12)
Welp. This is awkward. Normally we'd never let a photo of us slip by on this site, but we're not in the business of censoring anyone. Especially Stephen Houldsworth.

Ready. Volcanoes at The Firebird. (9/7/12)

Reigning Beer in the Basement. Japanther at PMS House. (3/23/12)

Security Alert. Loufest. (8/26/12)

Sing Along. Fucked Up at The Firebird. (4/1/12)

The Sole of the Nubb. Dubb Nubb at Foam. (6/29/12)

Graham Matthews carries his prolific Youtube page into the new year. Graham's top twelve is best viewed through Youtube, where the content is dutifully labeled and presented. Check Grahams's Top Twelves of 2012 Right Here

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