St. Louis somehow let Kiernan Maletsky leave

and without a fight. Wait wait, hear me out.

Mr. Maletsky came to Saint Louis in early 2011 as the new music editor for the Riverfront Times. Prior to his arrival, the RFT's music section had a decidedly "indie" slant. Kiernan entered and reached out to members of the music community and welcomed diverse contributions. Hip-Hop, hardcore and noise happened to leak in under Kiernan's guidance while mainstream genres retained regular coverage.

Expecting a weekly rag to work as the catch-all for any major city's music scene is a swell thought, but no publication or blog can be perfect. Kiernan, in my eyes, successfully made a corporately owned paper relevant to our music scene.

Kiernan wrote hundreds of articles in the past 20-odd months, so if you're at all interested in the types of contributions he made as a writer, I encourage you to peruse a sample of the work:

Pitchfork Writes Lazy, Cynical, Dickish Thing: Surprise!
KDHX: Not Playing the Hits for 25 Years
Musicians, venue owners and organizers found new ways to make people care this year

Kiernan happened to name Wrong Division as the Best Blog in St. Louis this year, and while we feel a bit undeserving, we have to say THANK YOU for the kind words. We hope you find allies at your new home in Dallas.