Recommended Shows 9/7-9/8 & New Music

Thollem McDonas (IL) featured in the video above
Eric Hall
Catholic Guilt
Kevin Harris & Alberto Patino Duo
Baba Yaga
Corrigan Brothers
Beauty Pageant
@ Mushmaus / 2700 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 donation / all ages

Mr. Ben continues his monthly party of sound he calls NOiSE (the lowercase i is vital). Thollem McDonas is here again, with support from the likes of Eric Hall and Kevin Harris. With film and video by Mike Pagano and Chizmo.Tv and FUCKING AWFUL DJing between sets, this could have easily been touted as some sort of noise fest. BYOBrains, beers, butts.

Wet Nurse (FL) featured in the video above
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
8:30 PM / $5 donation / all ages

Genre vomit: Indie, Garage, Rock, Twee, Pop, Punk. It can't be a '90s throwback if they're really from the '90s.

This is proof that Bunnygrunt is almost 20 years old. Check this out, from May 1994. Aw, Matt Harnish (on the left) is adorable. Czech out that show host.

On the subject of old St. Louis tapes, this here's a top shelf live show from math-rock legends Dazzling Killmen.

This video was posted courtesy of the newly-christened Dazzling Killmen Facebook Page. Maybe the denizens of social media can goad these dudes into a reunion or some other.

New Music
Post-punk wild childs Doom Town just posted new tracks this week via

Foxing is a new group made of members from Hunter Gatherer, Badgerhunt and Family Might. This group (and the aforementioned defunct groups) are for fans of the mid-nineties emo-splosion. You know, when genres just slept around with reckless abandon and post-hardcore mixed with that idea of "indie-rock"? Emo tends to be a real blanket term for a wealth of bad stuff, thankfully that isn't the case with Foxing.
Download Foxing - "New Songs"
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Concert Listings and Resources
Jimmy Eberle (of Overdoser, Who Fucking Cares? and others) started a DIY show listing blog and resource at

If you're a member of Facebook, Gateway Drug is a great resource for daily show reminders of the DIY, punk and hardcore ilk. Add & like.