I don't want no EL-E-VA-TORS

Andy Peterson (A.K.A Pube Man) of Trauma Harness conceived this video, fake band and all, for a video project at Webster U. G-O-O-D

Dog Daze

Recommended Shows:
Saturday, August 25

NU SENSAE (Canada) featured in the video above
Psychic Blood (MA)
Shaved Women
Voight-Kampff (aka Run Down)
The Funs
@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee St.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages

This show is dingy garage smashed up against tightly woven punk rock. From Canada and Mass to the Midwest, a full range of noise blasts in the dusty Camp Concentration located under APOP Records.

Tuesday, August 28

Deathtram (IL)
Skarekrau Radio
Little Big Bangs
Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave.
9 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Psych rock crooners come from Champaign with bright riffs and heavy feedback to co-mingle with cultist No-wavers and the Fugazi-esque post punk of the Little Big Bangs. Skarekrau Radio has been ripping through sweat drenched movements of dark matter all Summer with this pile of new jams.

Tim Mize (of the Super Happy Fun Hour on KDHX) passed away this last week much to everyone's shock. It's a gross understatement to say he'll be missed, and Daniel Hill wrote a piece about it all for the RFT Music Blog. Mostly musing on Mize's radio show, this ARTICLE comes complete with links of several great in-studio performances.

Gloom punk trio Trauma Harness released The Way You Press On Harder... through their Bandcamp site earlier today. Dingle Records is set to put this out on tape soon-ish. Hit their site for more, or check this embed:

Recommended Events 8/10-8/12

The folks over at Momo (Go north on Illinois from Cherokee Street, you'll hit it before the next cross street) have been conjurin' real alternative sound art type stuff in recent months, and the latest of which takes place tonight. This is certainly in the 'wrong division' if you know what I mean...

Taken straight from a Facebook event page created by Rick Weaver
doors 8:30
show 9:00

our second event in the LOGE VIDEO SERIES
featuring VIDEO / MUSIC / FILM
feature film:
"an imaginary migration into the realm of EXOTIQUE FAMILIARS"
Grant Corum of Portland, Oregon / A Million Brazilians touring thru with his fresh video and live soundtrack. here one night to twist the old and wring it out into the present, see the colors spoil, brighten, do all sorts of things to / for our ears and eyes. "a world of his own", Corum's soundtrack music has been flooring me. for instance:

aka Ghost Ice has recently made one of the best films I've ever seen, Night Mind on Fire. I've had the pleasure of seeing this intense, hallucinatory exploration of color, form and motion screened and scored twice. raw sensation / emotion / nerves - absolutely mesmerizing. August 10 will be the premiere of a brand new film from the visual king of St. Louis.

electronic artist, trombonist, and video artist Melsha bringing his intense rhythmic and explicit dissections and cut-ups of the fearful grim, technological, and nightmarish moments in the history of video and humanity. heavy and heavily layered scores.

we're working on a music video for SOCIAL JUNK's RENEWAL full length, a soundtrack that never had a the visual complement.

So, about Saturday...

If you peer into the right column, you'll no doubt see a hefty list of insane line-ups for the 11th. I can't bring myself to recommend one over the other, so you'll have to do without the usual Recommended Shows listing. Really, any event is worth hitting up, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more killer night of shows in St. Louis.

Broncho fires off feel good whatever-sounds alongside Bug Chaser, the self-proclaimed best actual hard rock band in St. Louis. The Firebird has a powerhouse of a P.A. and Bug Chaser's back-tracks and double drums should sound wild through those body sized speakers.

Mike Benker (formerly of The Conformists), Brett Underwood (formerly of the No Show on KDHX), Joe Sulier (formerly of a ton of bands), and Matt Questionmark are all set to perform spoken word at Fort Gondo, with music by Patrick Boland. It's unknown if Boland's going to DJ or actually perform live, but that line-up of speakers is worth the (free) price of admission alone. In any case, this takes place at Fort Gondo, which is a radical art-space on Cherokee with a storied history. The Googolplexia & Butt 7" release show happens right across the street at El Lenador, and has local psych-rockers Little Big Bangs and the insatiable Escalade. That one will run you 5 bones, but it's totally worth your cash.

MEAT MIST of Kansas City hits up the No Coast Skate Shop on Manchester with the warm garage rock poundings of Rat Heart and the noisy gloom of Trauma Harness. Violations punx it up too, so there's $5 well spent.

Sunday, August 12

Normal Love (Philadelphia, PA) featured in the video above
Captain Captain (Reunion Show)
Weaver, Taka, Stone Free Jazz Trio
@ Lemp Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Avenue
8 PM / $5 / all ages
Normal Love plays unhinged neo-classical jazz with a wild sense of structure and rhythm. Captain Captain performs for the first time in 11 years, and its pedigree of prolific members describes the sound well: Captain Captain features artists from Yowie, You Fantastic, The Arch and more. Dave Stone unites with Taka from Baba Yaga and Rick Weaver (known for Global Distance and Form-A-Log among others).

The latest from Catholic Guilt

I can only guess that these songs were transcribed from some abrasive alien language, and are otherwordly notions of punk rock music. Enjoy.

Catholic Guilt is typically a 4 piece based out of South Saint Louis, currently operating with members from Bug Chaser, Shaved Women and Escalade himself, Sean Burk. This album is decidedly more feedback drenched than their last album, Beyond Pleasuredome, which features fairly straight-forward rhythms amidst psych-rock leanings.

Catholic Guilt from bill streeter on Vimeo.

PiGSLOP to become mushmaus, first show tonight.

The folks over at 2700 Cherokee Street have hit a transitional period. While the details are scarce, and have certainly been kept underwraps, it looks like The Luminary Center for the Arts will not be purchasing the building at 2700 Cherokee St. Some of the folks from Pigslop have remained at the building, and are actively organizing shows. Here's the information for tonight, complete from the inclusive Facebook event page:

mushmaus is located at 2700 Cherokee St. The show begins at 9 PM, is all ages and FREE FREE FREE

OH LORD, it's BACK. NOiSE returns for ROUND FOUR.

And it's FREE, so so so FREE.
+Kevin Harris
(modular synth guru, F-Labz founder, accordion player, and NEW NEIGHBOR!)

+Corrigan Brothers
(Rock and roll, sweat, amps that go GRRRRRRRRRR)
+Beauty Pageant
(Special set: the corpse of Lady Gaga is ritualistically devoured, puked up, then set ablaze in a pagan ceremony destined to please your ears and offend your sense of decency....or vice-versa.)
+Baba Yaga
(Noise, and oh God, it has drums.)

(Note: the above two bands may very well eat each other and vomit out an offspring, Baba Pageant, which would be suitably NOiSE-o-riffic.)

+Dave Stone
(South City sax-slinger brings mind, body, soul and chill'n.)

(who will document YOU!, yes YOU!, in the Videodrome Interzone.)
and special DJ set by
(Vinyl crackle from Hell.)

+Boozy drinx
+Vague discomfort
+Subdivided room space
And there will be SPECIAL limited ART FLYERS by MISTER BEN (ew).

Here's a great video by Chizmo.tv of Trauma Harness from the last NOiSE event:

Trauma Harness - live 6.23.12 @ Return of Son of NOiSE show - (Pig Slop, St. Louis) from Chizmo.tv on Vimeo.