Special Guest Chris Dee on This Week's Wrong Division

Straight from the horsphanage (an orphanage for horses)

I, Christopher Dee, am co-hosting this week's Wrong Division radio program with Joe Hess. The show airs early Friday morning from 1-3am on KDHX 88.1 FM.

Joe is graciously allowing me to choose the playlist, and I fully intend to melt your earballs off.


-off-center 45s
-backwards Judas Priest
-forwards Queen
-Peter Sotos spoken word
-a 1912 wax cylinder recording of Bela Bartok playing piano
-early '80s St. Louis experimental acoustic guitar duo The Janitors
-a string section playing along with a malfunctioning CD
-Cheer-Accident live at the Way Out Club in 2002
-dead air

and plenty more.

Listen live -- and archived for two weeks after broadcast -- online here:


Chris Dee performs guitar in experimental post-rock group The Conformists.

Expect the guys from Britches on next week's edition of Wrong Division.