Recommended Shows This Weekend: 7/27/12 - 7/28/12


No Class (KC) featured in the video above
Dark Ages (KC)
Miami Dolphins (MN)
Totally Gay Cop (7" release show)
Who Fucking Cares?
@ An Undisclosed Spot Down by the River (read below for details)
6 PM (early show) / $5 donation / all ages

Directions: Either ride your bike about three miles North from the head of the Riverfront Trail just North of down town or by car, take I 70 to the Adelaide exit and head east on Adelaide ( turn right if you are coming from the city.) Make a right on Hall St. then make your first left. The road has no proper road sign but there is a large sign that says Buckeye Terminal. Follow this road as it turns to the right then go left and over the tracks. You will go through an opening in the wall and make a right on to the trail. Take it down just past two buildings and park there.

Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome (MI) featured in the video above
Pillow Talk
Operation Buster
@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave
8 PM / $5 / 21+

Hot wired rock merges with psychedelic hardcore hybrids in a variety show of the abrasive and jagged. Dibiase pushes hard rock through thick lyric-less sets, while Pillow Talk stabs with sharp and jaunted tunes. Both feel appropriate with CDMA's penchant for hard hitting songs.

Ryan Jewell featured in the video above
Dave Stone, Mr. Ben, Taka TRIO
Kevin Harris w/ surprise guest DUO
Matthew Erickson & Rick Weaver DUO
@ Momo / Go north on Illinois from Cherokee St. (house on the left by next cross street)
8 PM / donations / all ages

Jewell's prolific percussion comes intimate within Momo's house venue, complete with a keen list of St. Louis' most odd & daring collaborators. Improvisations a plenty, with wild sounds served up something hot and sweaty on a freaky-deeky Friday night.

Miami Dolphins (MN) featured in the video above
Cackling Hen
@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave
11:55 PM (late show) / donations / 21+

Lemmons throws up a midnight noise rock show, complete with grindy surf group Miami Dolphins and math-trio Forteana. Cackling Hen is an ensemble of local noise-advocates (including myself). Friday night looks packed with 4 shows, and this night cap comes free of charge.


Bill Horist(featured in the video above) w/ Darin Gray
Ghost Ice vs. Radiant Husk
Larva Lu
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
8 PM / free / all ages

I wrote this excerpt about this performance for the Riverfront Times:
Bill Horist lives bound to the guitar neck and urges its strings to cry through composite drones. He bleeds a stoic sound and works out a product that elevates melody through sharp noise. This wild jazz filters inorganic squalls with natural and familiar sound. These elements bring phrases that recur in Horist's set, creating an inexhaustible love with every piece. Collaborator Darin Gray is an expert in plucking the low tones and living in sound space as if it were his own home. Gray's deeply personal sound gives the impression that every spectator is a voyeur, peering into the private conversation of improvised auteurs.

If you browse our show calendar located in the right column, you'll no doubt see killer things happening this weekend. Naked Raygun comes as a first choice for most advocates of everything punk rock and hardcore, so that show really goes without saying. If you're on a gig that belongs on Wrong Division, hit us at - If you get no response, try