Recommended Shows This Weekend: 7/27/12 - 7/28/12


No Class (KC) featured in the video above
Dark Ages (KC)
Miami Dolphins (MN)
Totally Gay Cop (7" release show)
Who Fucking Cares?
@ An Undisclosed Spot Down by the River (read below for details)
6 PM (early show) / $5 donation / all ages

Directions: Either ride your bike about three miles North from the head of the Riverfront Trail just North of down town or by car, take I 70 to the Adelaide exit and head east on Adelaide ( turn right if you are coming from the city.) Make a right on Hall St. then make your first left. The road has no proper road sign but there is a large sign that says Buckeye Terminal. Follow this road as it turns to the right then go left and over the tracks. You will go through an opening in the wall and make a right on to the trail. Take it down just past two buildings and park there.

Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome (MI) featured in the video above
Pillow Talk
Operation Buster
@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave
8 PM / $5 / 21+

Hot wired rock merges with psychedelic hardcore hybrids in a variety show of the abrasive and jagged. Dibiase pushes hard rock through thick lyric-less sets, while Pillow Talk stabs with sharp and jaunted tunes. Both feel appropriate with CDMA's penchant for hard hitting songs.

Ryan Jewell featured in the video above
Dave Stone, Mr. Ben, Taka TRIO
Kevin Harris w/ surprise guest DUO
Matthew Erickson & Rick Weaver DUO
@ Momo / Go north on Illinois from Cherokee St. (house on the left by next cross street)
8 PM / donations / all ages

Jewell's prolific percussion comes intimate within Momo's house venue, complete with a keen list of St. Louis' most odd & daring collaborators. Improvisations a plenty, with wild sounds served up something hot and sweaty on a freaky-deeky Friday night.

Miami Dolphins (MN) featured in the video above
Cackling Hen
@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois Ave
11:55 PM (late show) / donations / 21+

Lemmons throws up a midnight noise rock show, complete with grindy surf group Miami Dolphins and math-trio Forteana. Cackling Hen is an ensemble of local noise-advocates (including myself). Friday night looks packed with 4 shows, and this night cap comes free of charge.


Bill Horist(featured in the video above) w/ Darin Gray
Ghost Ice vs. Radiant Husk
Larva Lu
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
8 PM / free / all ages

I wrote this excerpt about this performance for the Riverfront Times:
Bill Horist lives bound to the guitar neck and urges its strings to cry through composite drones. He bleeds a stoic sound and works out a product that elevates melody through sharp noise. This wild jazz filters inorganic squalls with natural and familiar sound. These elements bring phrases that recur in Horist's set, creating an inexhaustible love with every piece. Collaborator Darin Gray is an expert in plucking the low tones and living in sound space as if it were his own home. Gray's deeply personal sound gives the impression that every spectator is a voyeur, peering into the private conversation of improvised auteurs.

If you browse our show calendar located in the right column, you'll no doubt see killer things happening this weekend. Naked Raygun comes as a first choice for most advocates of everything punk rock and hardcore, so that show really goes without saying. If you're on a gig that belongs on Wrong Division, hit us at - If you get no response, try


Last week, Chris Dee of The Conformists sat in on the Wrong Division radio show as our special guest co-host. Dee made steep promises of dead air, modified 45s and aural oddities and delivered as promised. Enjoy the stream of the sordid broadcast HERE before the powers that be rip it from the Internet (KDHX offers an archived stream for two weeks after the original airdate.

Our love affair with Britches continues, join in this Thursday!
Darkly noisy post-youth trio Britches joins Wrong Division to spit about their upcoming tour, and share the bands they'll be performing with. Catch the special guest co-hosts this week at 1AM-3AM on 88.1 FM in St. Louis or KDHX.ORG - A two hour extension of Wrong Division follows into the morning, ending at 5 AM. A great caffeinated all-nighter for the morbidly obtuse (or musically acute).

YOWIE announces new album, complete with killer cover art.
"Damning with Faint Praise" is the second full length release from Yowie. This album surpasses the girth and intensity of their debut, "Cryptooology," an album that few have learned to decipher (or pronounce). "Damning with Faint Praise" moves through an array of multidimensional shifting structures, while inexplicably maintaining cohesion, and even, yes, grooves. -Skingraft Records
Free Track: Shriners Sure Do Cuss A Lot

Recommended Shows This Week: 7/19/12 - 7/22/12


A Place To Bury Strangers (NY) featured in the video above
Hunters (NY)
@ The Firebird / 2706 Olive
8:30 PM / $12 / all ages

A Place To Bury Strangers brings a forward drive to their music with blistering feedback wrapping around the sum of its parts. Dark and brooding post-rock melds with the latest definition of indie-rock to boast a sound both flattering and agreeable.

Worm Hands (last show?!)
Chris Forsyth
Kevin Harris
@ Negative Control / 2847 Cherokee St.
8 PM / $5 / all ages

Seminal sound artist Josh Levi prepares to shed his St. Louis skin before relocating to D.C. Worm Hands receives the farewell treatment on this night, and supports the traveling Chris Forsyth, who shares his cerebral sense of guitar noise.

Adaje (TN) featured in the video above
Places We Slept (NE)
Thunderbolts (NE)
Sine Nomine
The Red Squad
@ Lemp Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
7 PM / $5 / all ages

From the RFT: The Midwest has bred a hairy animal with Adaje, a beast of southern-style hardcore carefully infused with somber post-rock. The Memphis trio has spent six years sharpening a style that flows with heavy hearted melodies amidst a clever use of shifting tempos. The post prefix applies to Adaje in a liberal sense, as the genre trappings from metal, emo and classic punk rock can be polarizing to most. Thankfully Adaje reaches forward while bringing these elements into a dark but hospitable set, properly crafting post-hardcore music that feels involved and important. Bassist Mark Brake and guitarist Zohayr Shirazee champion the D-I-Y ethic in Tennessee and carry the cause on a nationwide tour of house venues and non-profit organizations.
Remember: This is an early show. Starts at 7 PM.

Bear Hive (pictured in the video above)
Foxing (first show)
Worst Case Ontario
You Blew It! (FL)
@ The Barcade (next to Danno's American Pub) / 7895 Watson Road
8:30 / $5 / all ages

All four groups reach into nostalgia via '90s emo music, and integrate technical work with distinct charm. Check this out for a mold of indie-rock infused with bright pop-sensibility, suited for your Friday night. Foxing debuts this night, with members from Hunter Gatherer, Family Might and Badgerhunt.

Falsetto Boy featured in the video above
Dogbreth (AZ)
Heavy Weather
@ Bowen House / 4107 Bowen Street
8 PM / donations / all ages

Jim Fitzpatrick joins the mass exodus from St. Louis, and this night celebrates his work as Falsetto Boy with a special guest drummer in Jordan Knecht. Fitzpatrick and Knecht also performed as darkly post-punk duo Muscle Brain from 2006-2008. Dogbreth comes from Arizona to spout infectious pop-punk while Heavy Weather provides a comfortable middle ground with solid songwriting.

Special Guest Chris Dee on This Week's Wrong Division

Straight from the horsphanage (an orphanage for horses)

I, Christopher Dee, am co-hosting this week's Wrong Division radio program with Joe Hess. The show airs early Friday morning from 1-3am on KDHX 88.1 FM.

Joe is graciously allowing me to choose the playlist, and I fully intend to melt your earballs off.


-off-center 45s
-backwards Judas Priest
-forwards Queen
-Peter Sotos spoken word
-a 1912 wax cylinder recording of Bela Bartok playing piano
-early '80s St. Louis experimental acoustic guitar duo The Janitors
-a string section playing along with a malfunctioning CD
-Cheer-Accident live at the Way Out Club in 2002
-dead air

and plenty more.

Listen live -- and archived for two weeks after broadcast -- online here:


Chris Dee performs guitar in experimental post-rock group The Conformists.

Expect the guys from Britches on next week's edition of Wrong Division.

Kisser at Pig Slop last Sunday

Kisser jammed with Mayor Daley (Chicago) and St. Louis natives Demonlover and Bug Chaser on Sunday, July 15th at Pig Slop. Hopefully the humidity comes through on the cheap 2008 Canon Powershot footage.

Shows this week: Nails in Pig Slop's Coffin


Bikini Acid (featured in the video above)
Skarekrau Radio (Psychedelic No-Wave Cult)
Attic Ted (Texas)
B0dy Gl0ve (Who Knows?)
@ Pig Slop Studios / 2700 Cherokee Street

This is quite possibly Bikini Acid's last performance, ever. Josh Levi has been a major player in St. Louis experimental for nearly ten years, and his neo-kraut trio is set to throw down this Thursday at Cherokee Street's favorite spot for salty sounds. Attic Ted returns after two years of depriving our fair city of its alien folk rock.


Mayor Daley (Chicago, IL) featured in the video above
Bug Chaser
@ Pig Slop Studios / 2700 Cherokee Street

Word on the street is that Sam of Demonlover is skipping town real soon, so chances to see this hybrid folk trio are slimming. After catching Kisser a few weeks back, I suggest checking their noisy post-rock meanderings. Mayor Daley slides on down to our city from Chicago, bringing a throw-back garage sound with their sparkly psychedelics.

Words aren't enough to express what Pig Slop has done for our community, and if you haven't yet partied down in their hairiest of warehouses, this week is a keen time to make that change. Much love to Chloe and her crew for holding it down and providing a pipeline to outer space in our fair city.

Picking Rick Wilson's brain.

The Riverfront Times just posted an interview I did with Rick Wilson of no-wave wondercult Skarekrau Radio. CZECH IT OUT.

Don't go see Third Eye Blind tonight!

Shows that AREN'T Third Eye Blind under the Arch: Friday, July 6th

CaveofSwords (featured in the video above)
The R6 Implant
@ Plush St. Louis / 3224 Locust Street
7 p.m. / $10

Fresh off the release of their new album, Caveofswords pushes their droney, somber sounds through Plush's oversized P.A. The R6 Implant welcomes a new line-up, and continues to push prog-infused metal through familiar sounds of rock 'n roll.

Hatches (featured in the video above)
Explosive Space Modulator
Pat Sajak Assassins
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
9 p.m. / free / all ages

Secular music through instrumentals void of lyrics and high in melody join with St. Louisan rock, as hot and humid as the River City. All Tap Room gigs come free and with a 9 PM start time. Shows are out by midnight, keeping the night young and the music prompt. Check it.

NERV! (Iowa City, Iowa) featured in the video above
GRG (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Violations (members of Shaved Women, NRML PPL)
@ El Lenador / 3124 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Fast drunk punx on Friday night, directly competing with the Third Eye Blind show on the Riverfront, under the Arch. Maybe you can catch your favs T.E.B. then hit El Lenador just in time for NERV, the fast acting punks direct from Iowa City.

Check it out, local Brett Marren made this wonderful video for BR'ER (from Philadelphia) a few months back. The song is called Sea of Doubt, and this video utilizes stop motion animation under an insane amount of detail.

Show deets:
Sun. Jul. 8 @ Lemp Arts Center
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages
BR'ER (Philadelphia, PA)
w/The Night Grinder, Sleep In Sundays