KA$H and other news

Although the KASH, Conformists and Transmontane show tonight sits on our list of recommended events for the week, I'd like to share a swell e-mail straight from Chris Dee himself, telling you in no simple terms why you should attend.

KASH are good friends of ours. They hosted us when we played their hometown in Europe last year on tour. They fed us rabbit, prosciutto with melon, and a bleu cheese that makes men weep. It has been nearly ten years since they have played St. Louis. They are Italian. They are experts at love-making and rock 'n roll-making. The bassist's name is Luigi -- I couldn't make this stuff up.

Transmontane is one man named Ryan Duncan. He runs the Chicago-based label Sick Room Records like it's no big deal. He sings and plays sad songs on an acoustic-electric guitar.

The Conformists are here. They didn't break up, so stop saying that.

KASH Sick Room Records label page
KASH facebook page (in Italian)
KASH wordpress page (in Italian)
Transmontane facebook page
Transmontane bandcamp page
The Conformists inter-site
The Conformists bandcamp page

This show is located at the Schlafly Tap Room | 2100 Locust St.
9:00 / Free / All Ages

Special Guests on Wrong Division Radio Show all Summer
Last week FEMALE DEMAND (Houston, TX) hit the station for an interview and a spin of their new album Across The Universe. This Thursday night we'll continue our series of special guests with Josh Coll (formerly of Hunter Gatherer) to discuss local music, his favorite records and his performance space Nice Age located downtown on Locust Street.

As always, KDHX keeps a podcast of all broadcasts for two weeks after the air date. Check out Wrong Division on KDHX.org for details and comprehensive playlists.