Stacked bill happening tonight (5/29) at PiG SLOP (2700 Cherokee Street)
8 PM / $5 / ALL AGES

JAPANTHER (Brooklyn, NY) pictured above
Little Big Bangs
Bo and the Locomotive
The Corrigan Brothers

Pig Slop is dissolving on August 1st. This may be one of the last hurrahs for a venue that's hosted its fair share of fukt noise, punk, no-wave, hardcore, rock and the lot. Pig Slop has been a quality home to many performances and undoubtedly picked up the slack after Cranky Yellow shut its doors nearly one year ago. Thanks to Chloe Bethany and the other SLOPPERS for having us strangers come defecate on their home turf.

Little Big Bangs opened the gates on their new EP today. The Easter Egg Demo comes fresh from the confines of Glenndonia, recorded by The Union Electric's Glenn Burleigh (you might know him from THE ADVERSARY WORKERS). This thing sounds raw and unhinged, but makes for good sunny-day jams. Czech it:

For the softies out there, Bo and the Locomotive are set to record with DAYTROTTER real soon, and if that doesn't entice you to check out their 3/4 rhythms and reverb drenched sing-songs, remember that the CORRIGAN BROTHERS bring a harsh guitar noise; the polar opposite of anyone who could be considered an "indie-darling." Pig Slop has something for everyone tonight, get off your screen and hit the warehouse. 2700 Cherokee St. Saint Louis, MO.

Us here at WRONG DIVISION also make noise rock. Check out BRAINING.