Galen Gondolfi of Fort Gondo

James McAnally of the Luminary Center for The Arts put together a great piece on Galen Gondolfi, which outlines his contributions to St. Louis art and music. Check this out HERE.
"I couldn’t think of a more appropriate conclusion to our month-long St. Louis feature than a free-form exploration of the influence of Galen Gondolfi’s Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts on the area’s alternative art community. The small storefront gallery has defined the DIY, startup art culture of the city for a decade and in the process has created one of the few outposts we could justifiably call a community. The abstract, shifting target we call Cherokee Street owes its identity to the complicated legacy of Galen and Fort Gondo, the evolving list of basement venues, apartment galleries, record stores and print collectives each equally indebted to the work he started in early 2002." read more