Recommended Shows the Week of 2/20/12 - 2/26/12


Forget the Times (Kalamazoo, MI)
Ood Ood Ood
Ou Ou
@ Lemp Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages / FB
Noise, electronics, deftly composed melodies and improv meet for this unmatched Monday night.

Maximum Effort
Bob Reuter
Cowboy Ryan
@ El Lenador / 3124 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / free / 21+ / FB
Two south city staples fill El Lenador with sounds ranging from alien conspiracy inspired hardcore to acoustic guitar paired heartfelt croons.


Talk Normal
Zola Jesus
@ The Luminary Center for the Arts / 4900 Reber Pl.
8 p.m. / $13-15 / 21+ / FB
Brooklyn-based spazzy female noise duo Talk Normal open up synth pop and goth rock songstress Zola Jesus.


Barely Free Partial Prisoners
@ Heavy Anchor / 5226 Gravois
9 p.m. / $5 / 21+ / FB
Drum machine meets thought-provoking vocal beats in a hip hop set on stage in south city's finest nautical-by-nature dive bar.

Zagk Gibbons
Timbre Tantrum
Tape History
@ Lemmons / 5800 Gravois
9 p.m. / $5 / 21+ / FB
Intertwining guitar melodies fill this post-rock 'til you drop bill.

Global Distance
Radiator Greys
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust
9 p.m. / free / all ages
The back room at the Tap Room gets filled with the loud confounded sounds of some of St. Louis' best noise manipulators.

Recent adds to the WD calendar:
2/20: Maximum Effort, Bob Reuter, Cowboy Ryan @ El Lenador
2/24: Trauma Harness, Hatches, Todd Anderson, Elbow Through Hammer @ The Blue Agave
2/24: Dave Stone, Dinner Music, Public Shallows, Brain Transplant, Regicide Bureau + Dr. Mabuse, DJ Peter Seligman @ Floating Laboratories
2/24: Accelerando, The Cuban Missiles, DJ Trashley @ The Warehouse
3/3: Pink Sock, Totally Gay Cop @ Joy Junction (Nebraska & Sidney)
3/4: Waxeater (IN/KY), Jabberjosh (Lawrence, KS), Red Squad @ Lemp Arts
3/7: Boar (Dubuque, IA), ILYGH (Dubuque, IA), Oblive, Kevin Schlueter, Aryan Cringe @ Lemp Arts Center
3/13: Everything Went Black, Ringworm, Cancer Bats, Primitive Weapons, Enabler, Mouthbreather @ Heart Breakers (700 N. 2nd St.)
3/17: Nature Boys (Kansas City, MO), Bfast (Kansas City, MO), Mosquito Bandito (Kansas City, MO), Pink Sock @ Bonerville
3/20: Girls of Porn (Albany, NY), Trauma Harness @ The Heavy Anchor
3/23: Rooks, Complete Strangers, Spastic Plastic @ The Heavy Anchor
3/23: Japanther (Brooklyn, NY), KEN South Rock (Osaka, Japan), Filthy Savage (NY), Ryan Harvey (Baltimore, MD), Sleepy & the Bedtimes, Little Big Bangs, Holy Doldrums
3/25: Negative Degree (Denver, CO), Sucked Dry (Kansas City, MO), Doom Town @ Bonerville
3/31: Carlos Bandana, I Could Sleep in the Clouds, The Campfire Club @ Family Visions Center
4/1: Many Arms (Philadelphia, PA), The Conformists, Yowie, Airport Elementary School

Recommended Shows the Week of 2/6/12 - 2/12/12


Benefit Show for CeCe McDonald
Scripts 'N Screwz (featured in the video above)
w/ The Little Big Bangs
18andcounting (DJ)
@ The Boulder (house show) / 3200 block of Knapp St.
8 p.m. / donation$ / all ages / FB Event
Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald is a trans woman of color who was assaulted by a group of white people. One man, bearing a swastika tattoo on his chest, died during the attack. CeCe was attacked because of racism & transphobia and now she is being charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Help fight for CeCe and against racism & transphobia!

Bloody Knives (Austin, TX)
w/ Bug Chaser
Tone Rodent
Trauma Harness
@ El Lenador / 3124 Cherokee St.
8:30 p.m. / $5 / 21+
Every band on this show has their own style of psychedelic punk. This is a stacked opening line up for Bloody Knives, who is traveling from their native land of Austin to show us how shit is done in TEJAS.

Michael Zerang (Chicago, IL)
w/ Darin Gray
Nathan Cook & Rick Weaver
Hosted by Joshua Weinstein (of All Soul No Borders on 88.1 KDHX) and Jeremy Kannapell
@ Floating Laboratories / 4528 Ohio St.
8 p.m. / $7 / all ages
Zerang shares his 20+ years of experience as a seminal percussionist in an intimate setting. Zerang's style ranges from soft and delicate to aggressive and thunderous. Darin Gray will be joining Zerang as the two perform individual sets before uniting as a duet. Nathan Cook (known in the noise community as N.N.N. Cook) and Rick Weaver (known for Dinner Music and Global Distance) will open the evening with locally (and organically) grown improvisations.


Catholic Guilt (Album Release)
w/ Magic City
Shaved Women
@ El Lenador / 3124 Cherokee St.
8:30 p.m. / $5 / 21+
Catholic Guilt pours their psychedelic noise mess all over El Lenador's carpeted floors. Their debut LP Beyond Pleasuredome will be available for the first time in physical form. Magic City and Shaved Women provide opening sets.

Everything Went Black
w/ Jack Buck
Strangers Now
Iron Hills
Best Friends
@ Fubar / 3108 Locust St.
8 p.m. / free / all ages
This is the release show for Everything Went Black's new album Cycles of Light (out now on Prosthetic Records). 6 bands for no money. Come on. Metal fans, get over here!

Recent adds to the WD calendar:
2/11: MSIF @ The Skatium
2/17: Trauma Harness, The Vanilla Beans, OOD OOD OOD + more @ 1368 Rocky Creek Ct,; Belleville, IL
2/18: Britches, Rum Drum Ramblers, Bo and the Locomotive, Until Extiction @ The Gargyole
2/20: Forget the Times, Trauma Harness, Ou Ou, Britches @ Lemp Arts Center
2/23: Zola Jesus, Talk Normal @ The Luminary
2/25: Hatches, Zagk Gibbons, Timbre Tantrum, Tape History @ Lemmons
3/2: Bass Drum of Death (MS), Tone Rodent, Up the Academy, The Airliners @ Old Rock House
3/7: Peelander-Z, Electric Eel Shock, Dicegrinder @ The Firebird
3/8: Overdoser, Who Fucking Cares?, Cross Examination, Better Days @ Bonerville
3/9: The Spits (WA), TV Ghost (IN), The Humanoids, Shaved Women, Britches @ The Fox Hole (Atomic Cowboy)
3/10: Pillow Talk @ Mangia Italiano
3/14: Strong City (IA), The Haddonfields, Breakmouth Annie @ Lemmons
3/21: Teratism (TX/MN), Ptahil (IN), Spellcaster (OR), Rites of Impiety @ Bonerville
3/31: Pillow Talk, Airport Elementary School @ CBGB
4/1: Many Arms (PA), The Conformists @ Fort Gondo
4/5: Guitar Wolf, Dinofight!, Transistors, Ded Bugs @ The Firebird
4/5: Van Dyke Parks, R&P MPO @ The Luminary
4/6: Arvid Noe (MA), Badgerhunt, Spelling Bee @ Schlafly Tap Room
4/7: Speedwolf (CO), Who Fucking Cares?, Rites of Impiety, Terra Caput Mundi @ Bonerville
4/13: Jack Buck, Ou Ou, Humdrum, Cartwheel, New Tongues (Columbia, MO) @ The Heavy Anchor
4/16: La Dispute (MI), Balance and Composure, All Get Out, Sainthood Reps @ The Firebird
4/26: Baroness (GA) @ The Firebird
5/1: The Telescopes, Tone Rodent @ The Firebird
5/18: Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ The Firebird

Nick Podgurski's Feast of The Epiphany at LNAC tonight!

Tonight, Monday February 6th:

Feast Of The Epiphany (Baltimore, MA)
w/Eric Hall
Rick Weaver (of Global Distance)
The Least Comma
@ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center / 3301 Lemp Ave.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages
Feast of The Epiphany uses a haunting tone in its keyboard and guitar-based compositions. This avant-garde music is accompanied by a stacked line up of local experimental artists, featuring Brad Schumacher (of the Night Grinder), Eric Hall and others.