Bye-bye 2011!

KDHX asked us to submit our top 10 favorite releases for 2011, and here they are!:

-Battles - Gloss Drop (Warp)
-Britches - Demonstration (Hi Fi Octopi)
-Deerhoof - Deerhoof VS Evil (Polyvinyl)
-Egg Chef - Opinions Are Meaningless in the Void 7" (Apop)
-Glass Teeth - Notice of Termination (Self-released)
-Hella - Tripper (Sargent House)
-Nicoffeine - Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer (Blunoise)
-PRE - Third Album (Skin Graft)
-Sine Nomine - Golobulus (Nomine Factions)
-Ugh God - A Pony on Top of a Mountain (Self-released)

Here's our playlist from our show last week, featuring these albums and plenty mo' releases from the past year that we enjoyed. You can listen to the archive stream of the show for a couple more weeks by clicking here.

-Deerhoof “The Merry Barracks” from Deerhoof VS. Evil (Polyvinyl)
-Battles “Sweetie & Shag (feat. Kazu Makino)” from Gloss Drop (Bonus Track Version) (Warp Records 2011)
-Gang Gang Dance “Adult Goth” from Eye Contact (4AD)
-Britches “Blue Ruin” from Demonstration (Hi Fi Octopi Recordings)
-Gay Beast “We Keep our Victims Ready” from Charm (Skin Graft)
-Egg Chef “Orange Wurm” from Opinions Are MEANINGLESS In The Void 7" (Apop Records)
-Cheer-Accident “Salad Dies” from No Ifs, Ands or Dogs (Cuneiform)
-Hella “Kid Life Crisis” from Tripper (Sargent House)
-Gnarwhal “Shaun Day Off” from Duane (self-released)
-Melt-Banana “Loop Nebula” from initial t (Initial Records)
-PRE “Yr Fun is Fun” from Third Album (Skin Graft Records)
-The Masculine Journey “It's This” from Exposure (self-released)
-Volcanoes “With the Creatures” from Faults EP (self-released)
-Female Demand “Eat Who I Eat” from Outside The Universe (self released)
-Glass Teeth “SECRET LIFE” from Notice of Termination (self-released)
-Mother Night “Bronanza Bus Lines” from Giants In The Electric Wallpaper (self released)
-Jack Buck “Bliss Beach” from Ugly (self released)
-Sine Nomine “Needs vs Wants” from Golobulus (Nomine Faction)
-ONlythebugman “faith based initiative” from Executive Power Lunch (Good Looking White Girl Records)
-Nicoffeine “Proteineache” from Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer (Blunoise)
-Black Pus “Beneath the Wheel” from Primordial Pus (Load)
-The Flaming Lips with Lightning Bolt “I want to get high but I don't want brain damage” from The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt (Warner Bros.)
-High Castle “Swamp Thing” from Spirit Of The West (Zum Audio)
-The Stnnng “Howling Man” from Live At KDHX 3/30/11 (KDHX)
-Dead Rider “Mother's Meat” from The Raw Dents (Tizona Records)