BARELY FREE: when noise meets hip-hop

A shrill wave of sounds swim over dirty beats, chopped and sorted. The Barely Free Partial Prisoners is a St. Louis institution of experimental music meeting hip-hop in a politically charged middle-ground. Jacob Cohen leaks with knowledge, often choosing to bypass the mic and spit rhymes into the air, delivering lyrics in a raw and unadulterated manner. Jason LaChance augments the tonally convex songs with backing vocals and a dearth of controlled noises.

To date, Barely Free has conceived four releases; All are available at the group's bandcamp website. The recordings are far reaching, as they strike a main vein for hip-hop fans while working the ears of an experienced audiophile. Theremin is commonplace with murky beats, thick bass and high end melodies that meander in and out of context.

Barely Free's live performance tunes your brain into a jagged, convoluted frequency where tones are bent at will and vocal samples segue from one thought into another. Jacob Cohen has returned to St. Louis after 6 months of traveling and will smear the walls of The Heavy Anchor with his brains this Saturday, December 31st.

Show details:
The Heavy Anchor
5226 Gravois Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63116

Barely Free Partial Prisoners
Spelling Bee
Trauma Harness
The Hobosexuals
The Lesseract

8 PM | $5 | 21+
Includes a champagne toast at midnight.
First 25 people get a free drink.