is killing it. Some of the latest updates from Chizzy Chizmo himself:

SHAVED WOMEN(St. Louis) at Apop Records
Down-tempo. Sludgy and noisy hardcore.

TIGON(from San Francisco) at Cranky Yellow
Aggressive post-hardcore with a pinch of math-rock.

And lastly:

Man or Astro-Man? live in St. Louis 4/18/97
This really doesn't need an explanation. Just watch. :)

Don't forget to check my brother and sister blogs, Flood Yr Face (by Josh Levi) and Gateway Drug (by Luc Michalski). Floodyrface goes a bit more into noise and avant garde, while Gateway Drug covers more punk and hardcore ordeals.


Chizmo.Tv is a wonderful website that is crammed with video of St. Louis-centric bands. Spanning a vast spectrum of genres, the featured films are not limited to any specific style. I have seen the site's chief proprietor (Chizzy Chizmo) filming concerts focused on psych-rock, hardcore, noise, no-wave and other in-between genres that bare little resemblance to mainstream meanderings. Chizmo.Tv is just one of many new additions to the Links page found at the top of this site.

Other updates to Wrong Division include:
***New venues listed on the Venues page.
***A domain name. You can now type into your Internet browser and your computer will magically bring you here.
***The St. Louis Show Calendar tab(featured right below our logo up above) will send you to a page with a long list of concerts, including details about the start time and price of each show. The events that carry a strong recommendation from us feature a video within the concert description.

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You need to buy earplugs. Why?



albany, NY hardcore. extreme. loud.. no longer straightedge.​ghingfitxxx

DRUG MONEY - columbus, oh “hardpunk” no members of this band are, or will ever be cool. they’re all ugly jerks who laugh at poor people and AIDS. this band will be tubular.​?d=U4PSU7OM​ch?v=Y1-SpH0oVuE&feature=f​vst

ULTRA ULTRA - self-proclaimed “swag punks” but not a gimick crunk-core band or anything. or maybe they are. maybe they sound like fucking brokencyde, who knows?​agultraultra

STEP DADS - post hardcore from indianapolis, indiana. a very clean town, great to visit. this band will be a religious experience for anybody looking for god.

MASCULINE JOURNEY - st louis hardcore. members of scott plant’s brothers. ex-bleeding deacon staff. michael jackson, sex and the city, one of these members will be wearing women’s underwear. it’ll be gender-bendy.

NRML PPL - st louis hardcore, members of dallas stars, ELO, CSNY, CSI NY and nrml ppl

$5. 21+

Oh, and...

Zero Progress (SF) / Crosses

ZERO PROGRESS: Fast, Thrashing hardcore from the Bay Area comes to St Louis. A band of young dudes doing fast music better than pretty much everyone else. New record “Derailed” can be streamed on their Bandcamp.

CROSSES: STL grind. Featuring members of Shaved Women.

Show is 21+

The Heavy Anchor
5226 Gravois


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Local ambient artist Ra Cailum just released a new album: Bite Marks.

Ra Cailum uses a self descriptor called "Chill Wave". I have never understood what that term meant, and I'd like to briefly describe what I hear when listening to his music. Ambient drones push out a melody over soft beats. Ra Cailum has an ear for texture and a solid sense of timing. The songs exhale and bow out before they wear out their welcome, leaving the listener's ear freshened up for the next piece. The songs have a pension for noise, which is a reminder of Ra Cailum's range. This is a recommended listen for fans of electronic music and ambient folk. Noise nerds will appreciate certain sections, but anyone looking for a harsh record addled with angst need not apply.