Flood Yr Face is a blog run by local enthusiast Josh Levi. He has been working on this site for years, keeping people like me updated on all the latest goings on in St. Louis. His site is awesome, and was the reason I started doing Wrong Division. His updates are frequent and his site shares a similar tone to Wrong Division; focusing on the weird, experimental and post-rock/punk/hardcore. Please visit: Flood Yr Face

Gateway Drug is a brand new site brought to you by Luc Michalski. Luc has been responsible for bringing you God Fodder, King Kong Magnetics, Sack Lunch and most recently NRML PPL. I actually perform bass guitar for his live incarnation of NRML PPL and get to see the sheer amount of things this guy does for St. Louis. In addition to booking shows he pushes great music through his blog/zine Gateway Drug. Please visit Gateway Drug