Saint Louis 2011 - New albums available on!

Saint Louis has been killer this year. is an easy to use service that offers HIGH QUALITY streaming audio at top speed. I have compiled 7 links to albums released on Bandcamp by St. Louis-based artists since January 2011. The following links aren't genre specific as they span many different styles. This is by no means a comprehensive list of every local album, nor is it meant to be a "top ten" list. Enjoy!

Ra Cailum - Infinite Value

Catholic Guilt - Postcards from Copper Canyon

Shaved Women - Shaved Women
Hardcore/Noise Rock/Punk

Navigator - All Aboard!

Volcanoes - Faults
Drum & Bass/Noise Rock/Dance Rock

Sine Nomine - Super Molecular Dust Separator
Metal/Experimental/Hard Rock

The R6 Implant - Demo
Math Rock/Alternative Rock/Metal