There hasn't been a blog post for quite a while, but I have been keeping up to date with the Concert Calendar (which is located in the column to the right of this post). There have been a ton of amazing performances booked for St. Louis, in both the basement/D.I.Y space and big venue fronts. The Luminary Center for the Arts has COLD CAVE coming up on May 19th, The Firebird has Cave and Quintron (w/ Miss Pussycat) on June 14th and Marnie Stern on July 6th.

June 29th is an INSANE night for Cherokee St. as Apop Records has Cacaw coming back from Chicago and Cranky Yellow has D. Rider (members of U.S. MAPLE, JOAN OF ARC, CHEER ACCIDENT) accompanied by The Conformists, Skarekrau Radio and Britches. June 11th has Yowie doing their once-a-year performance at Cranky Yellow with a hand selected (but mystery) line up. So many great performances are happening between now and then, so browse the list to your right and mark your calendars.

If you haven't already, please check out our sister-site FloodYrFace. It is ran by local booker/performer Josh Levi and is easily the biggest inspiration behind putting together this website. The URL is

I will be changing the layout of this blog and trying out new ideas for design and other additions. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to enlighten me at or my personal email

Britches is one of my favorite St. Louis based groups. This trio blends noise rock, indie and punk rock tendencies into a form that is fundamentally new and different. The only band that I could fairly compare them to would be Neptune, a group who conceives and creates their own instruments. Britches uses conventional gear and equipment in such an unconventional way, and I urge you to look into them if you're at all a fan of weird, bizarre or experimental tendencies in music. The following video is of Britches performing live at the KDHX studio in St. Louis:


There have been so many shows announced/organized/set up in the last two weeks that I haven't had time to catch up on this blog. I assure you that I will try to spit as much information out in the coming days. For now, check out the updated show calendar and anticipate many additions within the next 48 hours.

Thursday the 7th has Neo Cons from San Fran blowing up the Cranky Yellow basement. Cardiac Arrest is making a rare appearance with new band members and a new song (!!?) NRML PPL makes their debut this night (and consists of myself, Ben from Shaved Women, Luc from God Fodder and Josh Levi of Bikini Acid). Check it out! < / e n d s e l f p r o m o t i o n >