March 22nd - 29th: Get with it!

March is almost over. You might be tired and drained from attending show after show after show this month. We're in the home stretch - The last week before April yields some exciting performances.

Tuesday March 22nd has Foreign Theaters, a down tempo hardcore group (from Malta Bend) visiting Cranky Yellow. This group mixes dissonant and killer riffs with thick and murky downbeats. Philadelphia-based groups Drums Like Machine Guns and Sgnls invade the Cranky Yellow basement with Foreign Theaters, making for an ear-shattering night of agro-sounds. Local metal-infused duo Iron Hills supports these touring acts with the help of The Night Grinder (Brad Schumacher).

Weirdo psychedelic hip hop crew Lindsey and Jack Topht with the Vegetables (Buffalo) comes to show off their post-modern intricacies alongside local no-wavers Skarekrau Radio and Catholic Guilt. Googolplexia spits his vocal complexities to round out this line up on Thursday March 24th at Cranky Yellow. If that isn't quite your thing, catch the Binary Marketing Show (NY) with Epicycle at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.

Saturday March 26th is the night for singer/songwriting folk-ers in St. Louis. Over at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, catch Navigator opening for Paleo. Check out what folk/internet celebrity website DAYTROTTER has to say about him: "Profound in a way that you've never heard. There's so much at work in all of these miraculous songs about some of the roots of evil and wonder. A man this enlightened might glow in the dark." - Sean Moeller / Daytrotter. If a room full of manly folk-ers turns you off, a room full of girly folk-ers might light your candle. This same night has Cranky Yellow hosting JP and The Gilberts with Black James, The Skekses and Dubb Nubb. Saturday night is alright, I'd say.

Oh yeah...