March 22nd - 29th: Get with it!

March is almost over. You might be tired and drained from attending show after show after show this month. We're in the home stretch - The last week before April yields some exciting performances.

Tuesday March 22nd has Foreign Theaters, a down tempo hardcore group (from Malta Bend) visiting Cranky Yellow. This group mixes dissonant and killer riffs with thick and murky downbeats. Philadelphia-based groups Drums Like Machine Guns and Sgnls invade the Cranky Yellow basement with Foreign Theaters, making for an ear-shattering night of agro-sounds. Local metal-infused duo Iron Hills supports these touring acts with the help of The Night Grinder (Brad Schumacher).

Weirdo psychedelic hip hop crew Lindsey and Jack Topht with the Vegetables (Buffalo) comes to show off their post-modern intricacies alongside local no-wavers Skarekrau Radio and Catholic Guilt. Googolplexia spits his vocal complexities to round out this line up on Thursday March 24th at Cranky Yellow. If that isn't quite your thing, catch the Binary Marketing Show (NY) with Epicycle at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.

Saturday March 26th is the night for singer/songwriting folk-ers in St. Louis. Over at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, catch Navigator opening for Paleo. Check out what folk/internet celebrity website DAYTROTTER has to say about him: "Profound in a way that you've never heard. There's so much at work in all of these miraculous songs about some of the roots of evil and wonder. A man this enlightened might glow in the dark." - Sean Moeller / Daytrotter. If a room full of manly folk-ers turns you off, a room full of girly folk-ers might light your candle. This same night has Cranky Yellow hosting JP and The Gilberts with Black James, The Skekses and Dubb Nubb. Saturday night is alright, I'd say.

Oh yeah...

It's RAG TIME!! March 14th-19th

This is it. We have hit the busy season for concerts in St. Louis. As you read this, our River City is being treated to top notch performers from all corners of the globe. It is inevitable that many shows will pass under the radar.

Do yourself (and the community) a favor and go out this week. Every night. You can take a break next week (or sometime in April). Almost every active venue in town has a killer line-up this month. St. Louis hasn't been this lucky in a while! I'll quit preaching and start teaching- Here are MY picks for this week:

Monday March 14th at Cranky Yellow has Gifts from Enola (Virginia) and The Summer Pledge (Detroit). The local support consists of At Yalta, who has been sort-of touring the local area this month. If you haven't caught them yet, come check out one of the only notable post-rock bands in the area. Kallisti Gold rounds out the line up with their FIRST PERFORMANCE. This is a three piece ELECTRONIC post-rock band that is riddled with keyboards, drum machines, samplers and a whole messy array of sights and sounds. The brain-child of Jacob Cohen (known for Barely Free Partial Prisoners), Kallisti Gold promises a unique experience.

Monday night also plays host to a concert at FLOATING LABORATORIES (you know, where Building R used to be?). "It's Rag-Time baby!" Raglani NEVER performs anymore. Here's your chance to go smack him on the back and say "HEY DUDE!" Raglani supports Outer Space, Drainolith and Moth Cock. Floating Laboratories is best known for their killer line-ups on noise-centric performances, so if music's got you B-O-R-E-D, skip the rest and head for that secret warehouse on the Riverfront.

Tuesday March 15th isn't looking too shabby either, but Cranky Yellow looks to have a KILLER line-up that night. Last week you might have seen SHAVED WOMEN open for THE BODY at Apop, or BIKINI ACID open for CAVE at Pig Slop, but this night you're treated to both local juggernauts as they support HEAVY TIMES (Chicago). Heavy Times features the drummer of Cacaw, and runs Rotted Tooth Recordings (based in Chicago).

Apop Records is the place to be on Wednesday March 16th: Holy Sheet from Providence, Rhode Island shows up to blast their keyboard-centric post-punk angst in your face. Oft compared to Arab on Radar, Melt Banana, The Locust and other wicked noise-rock entities, Holy Sheet delivers their East Coast thousand pounds of sound at max volume. Bring earplugs. It's been MONTHS since you've seen Egg Chef. What happens when a band vanishes for an entire season, then comes back to play in a dark, murky basement of a record store? New music. The same goes for Spelling Bee. (I can't say too much about Spelling Bee because I am 1/2 of that band...) Come see the two most hyped local bands this night so you can go home and post on Facebook, "...ehhh, they weren't that great." If punk-related oddities aren't your thing, there is a INDY POP show happening over at Cranky Yellow that same night. Very Truly Yours from Chicago will be stopping by St. Louis on their way to play a major SXSW showcase in Austin. Three of St. Louis' newest indie groups will be there to support: Grape Knee High, So Much Closer, The Tender Tribe.

Thursday March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Skip the bar and bring your own booze to Cranky Yellow (did I just say that?!). A last minute concert was put together for Scaphe, Gnawed and Vickers, all from Minneapolis. Since there are hundreds of shows in St. Louis this month, and most notable bands are playing multiple times this month already, a small noise ensemble (consisting of members of Spelling Bee and more) will be performing. On second thought, if YOU'RE reading this and YOU'RE in a band and you want to play, email - The bands are dark, heavy and excellent. Scaphe is one of my favorite bands playing in St. Louis this month. Check the link: - Gnawed looks to be harsh noise while Vickers is described as "blackened war metal". Fuck the color green. Paint the town BLACK.

Pig Slop has been KILLING it this month with awesome line-ups. Friday March 18th keeps the trend going with Stacian from Chicago (who I personally saw at Bitchpork last Summer; she was amazing), MSIF and Saint Losers (which features members of Barely Free Partial Prisoners, Garden Plot Jackals, etc.). Illegal Tone Recordings over on Main St. in Belleville is host to a WICKED line up that same night. His Throne is supported by Egg Chef, .e, Shaved Women and Frost Giant (experimental metal two piece).

Saturday March 19th presents two concerts competing for every punk/hardcore-lover's attention. Over at Apop Records, catch God Fodder's FINAL performance. They will be supported by Masculine Journey (formerly known as Suburban Smash), Sweet Tooth and Doom Town. From what I've heard, if you miss this show, drunk assholes will kick down your door and force you to turn in your punk-rock card. I don't wish that upon any of you! If you NEED to miss that show, the only suitable reason is that you had to go see Glass Teeth open up for Hugh Cornwell while he performs the classic Stranglers' album "Rattus Norvegicus" at Off Broadway.

If you need ANY details for any of the aforementioned performances, you can check the side bar to the right, or find the listed venue by clicking the "Venues" tab up above. If I have missed anything that you deem ESSENTIAL, please email me at - Enjoy and have a good week!