Black Friday Update

Hey there,

Mabel and I have updated the concert listing. You should be able to find that on the side column, to the right of this very block of text. There are a lot of great shows to check out, namely the 2 KEYS REUNION SHOW as well as the Bert Dax X-Mas series (which features Glass Teeth and a whole array of STL-super-stars). I have to mention that all shows in that right hand column come highly recommended, but I will be doing detailed write-ups for quite a few events in the coming weeks. Check back for that.

I know there are quite a few critics of the Riverfront Times out there, but I happened upon THIS wonderful article that details the 2 Keys Reunion Show. Written by Josh Levi, The article sheds light on the St. Louis DIY scene in the 00's and Rob Ruzicka passes on words of encouragement for those of us involved in the scene today. I feel the need to mention THIS article, a brief but concise review of The Conformists' new album None Hundred. Penned by Christian Schaeffer, the piece sums up exactly how I feel about the album in two brief paragraphs. Instead of writing a review myself, I thought I'd share this with you. The Conformists are one of my favorite St. Louis-based groups.

I recently added a Venues page to this site. I encourage you to visit it. I made sure to feature the addresses and website information for each venue (including house and basement spots). If anyone spots an error or doesn't want their space listed, shoot me an email at I hope this becomes a resource for groups to find venues/spaces or individuals to find addresses to concerts in times of need.

Lastly, the Links tab up top features local websites and blogs (some much like this one, some very odd). When I was spelunking the world wide web for St. Louis-related sites, I was shocked (and excited) to learn about some of the efforts of artists and musicians in the River City. I hope you enjoy going through the list as much as I did making it.

If you have any ideas for additions or changes to the site, feel free to contact us at