This Week In St. Louis: Apr. 24 - 30, 2017

TUE. APR. 25

@ Kerr Foundation | 9pm | $7-$10 | all ages
-Timeghost (Providence, RI)
-Pod Blotz (Los Angeles, CA)

Timeghost merges harsh noise with written poise while using his own body to invoke a distinct sense of sadomasochism. His dark synth work moves in waves, working with rhythm and, at times, drone to a meditative degree. 

FRI. APR. 28

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5-$7 | all ages
-Nectar (Champaign, IL)
-Trauma Harness
-Carte De Visite
-Vanilla Beans

This CBGB spring fling sees upbeat twee pop mingle with moody post-punk. Nectar isn't afraid to cut a song off at just the right time to keep a fast pace. All around, the show provides variety while still keeping feel-good vibes at the core.

@ Flop Club | 9pm | $5-$7 | all ages
Grownup Music:
-Blindsight Trio
-Animal Children
-John Beabout

This is a jazz show through and through, but don't expect standards or even a sense of cohesion between the acts. All three come at the genre from different angles which is fitting for Grownup Music, a collective that doesn't seem to adhere to any particular thing except quality. 

SAT. APR. 29

@ The Sinkhole | 9pm
-Nag (Atlanta, GA)
-Rubber Mate (Cleveland, OH)
-Dada Gun

The snotty punks in Atlanta's Nag make slow burners that revel in decay and feedback. Tour mates Rubber Mate are equally as noisy but with a thrashy, nihilist bent. Earplugs are kind of required. 

@ The Stage | 8pm | $10-$20 | all ages
New Music Circle presents:
-Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up

Drummer and composer Tomas Fujiwara brings his experimental jazz unit which features Jonathan Finlayson, Brian Settles, Adam Hopkins and Mary Halvorson (who also performs in Thumbscrew with Fujiwara). A quick search on the Hook Up will net tons of accolades over the group's live show, and the video above is proof positive. 

@ Kismet | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Dan of Earth (Milwaukee, WI)
-NNN Cook

Since Dan of Earth takes a different approach to roughly every show, the best way to describe him to people in St. Louis is to say that he's the Ghost Ice of Milwaukee -- a performer that has unanimous acclaim yet remains a hidden treasure in his own city. 

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!

Wrong Division Playlist: Apr. 20, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Staghorn “Trins Chad Ocho Rio” from Parouisa I - Kismet II
The Conformists “Hail Spraytan” from Divorce
Yowie “Mysterium Tremendum” from Synchromysticism
Timeghost “On Airs, Waters, and Places” from Cellular
Pod Blotz “Grey Ones” from Grey Ones
Trauma Harness “Echolocation” from Pain, Death, Defeat & Revival
Lithics “Seven People” from Borrowed Floors
Sneaks “Red” from Gymnastics
Jane Wave “Shadowbride” from Not Lit
Sur “Great Plains / Synesthete” from Dawg Daze
Melkbelly “Elk Mountain” from Elk Mountain
Toupee “Glitter Roach” from Leg Toucher
Imelda Marcos “Swirling Hair Is” from Dalawa
The Denison & Kimball Trio “Walk Away” from Plays the Music of Walls in the City
Horse Lords “Bending to the Lash” from Interventions
Dead Rider “Mother's Meat” from The Raw Dents
Bad News From Houston “Confuse the Ghosts” from In the Valley of the...
Guerilla Toss “Pink Elephant” from Gay Disco
Marriage “Norman” from For Br√∂tzmann
Brise-Glace “Host of Latecomers” from when in Vanitas...
Black Eyes “Cough, Cough” from Cough
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 5: 5th Movement (Part I)” from Symphony No. 5
Ahleuchatistas “Power With” from Arrebato
Smother Party “Whiskey Sheen” from Casa Limon